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Anabel Pantoja as a superhero with a dart to Yulen Pereira at carnivals: a gesture and a meaningful song


Anabel Pantoia traveled to the Canary Islands to unwind from everything that had happened to her lately. What could be better than enjoying the carnivals of Maspalomas with friends and giving everything away with them. Belen Esteban also flew there, with whom she had already shared more than one dance. and moments of fun, just like with the rest of her friends.

The big night came on Saturday March 18 when a whole group of friends sat on a float to celebrate the carnival, each in their most original outfit. Anabel Pantoia and Belen Esteban, dressed as superheroes, showed that their friendship is firmly rooted. The fun was served, but so were the darts, it seems the influencer used the song as a dart again..

Anabel and Belen superheroes |  instagramAnabel and Belen superheroes | instagram

The video was recorded by one of his friends, with whom he handed out everything at night in the Canary Islands. The song playing in the background was Manuel Turizo’s new song, “El Merengue”, whose chorus is most important: “I said I forgot you, but I didn’t forget you.”. In the meantime, it sounded in the background and friends danced to the fullest, Anabel Pantoya sang it at the top of her voice and did her hair on camera.

Clear message?

There is no doubt that this means something, because despite the fact that she is a huge fan of Manuel Turizo, as she sometimes noted, this ugly gesture is not needed unless you send it to someone in particular and without Someone then he doubts that this someone should be Julen Pereira. Also, after sharing this video of his friend, he shared the song again, this time from a live performance of the singer he so admires..

Anabel's gesture at carnivals |  instagramAnabel’s gesture at carnivals | instagram

Surviving a break is not easy, and although Anabel Pantoja is having a great time at the carnival in Maspalomas and having fun with her friends.There is no doubt that breaking up with someone is like losing someone and everything needs a process. Now every gesture of the influencer is watched with a magnifying glass, as happened this time, but for sure she will soon get over the breakup and become completely happy again.

Source: Bekia


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