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Kiss of death: the suspect had to caress the victim before hitting her with an ax in Barra do Sul


Women found dismembered in a house in Balneario Barra do Sul on Santa Catarina’s north coast may have been killed by blows to the head with an axe. The information was given by a witness who maintained confidentiality in the complaint that motivated the investigation. The bodies of the dead were found last Saturday (20).

The victims disappeared at the end of March in Balneario Barra do Sul – Photo: Internet/Reproduction/ND

Before the beating and murder, the suspect kissed one of the victims on the forehead. An autopsy to determine the cause of death has not yet been completed. There was no relationship between the victims and the suspect, and the motives for the crime have not yet been clarified.

Last Saturday, a man was arrested on suspicion of committing murders. The investigation began with information that two women who went missing in the municipality of Balneario Barra do Sul at the end of March were killed and their bodies were buried in the backyard of the house of the person under investigation.

The victims were identified as Lusimar Laus, 61, and Lilian da Silva, 49. In addition to the women’s bodies, a decapitated dog was found at the scene.

Source: Ndmais


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