Today is a day of reflection and I bet that they will, if not reflect, then at least rest. I understand that they enjoy these moments of silence, during which they will, at the most, watch as the candidates spend the day during which they cannot do anything more than play sports, go to a book fair, or be with a family.

So I’m not going to spoil your peace with stories about voting by mail or kidnapping with aluminum foil as the best method to keep a cell phone from being detected, because… well, the kidnapper saw it on the show.

Now we won’t stop talking about politics and we won’t stop talking about elections. Especially the week in which Nemesis Donald Trump announced his candidacy first against Trump, and then, presumably, against Joe Biden.

The day came, it was Wednesday, and here begins what the Americans have been waiting for the most: Ron de SantisGovernor of Florida, presented his candidacy along with Elon Musk. We already know that he wanted to do it via Twitter and that the connection was a disaster.

Of course, it won’t stop being a joke if he succeeds, but it will be a premonition if things go badly. Let’s see… so that everyone can enjoy what they want. The success of an election campaign depends on many variables: the voter base, the ideas, the messages, the socio-economic scenario… and every variable they want to add reduces the weight of the most popular excuse: good luck.

Call me a romantic (whoever knows me knows that I exude as much romanticism as marble exudes resin), but I am one of those who believe that the presentation of candidatures should be made in the place where a person began his political career, or at them at home, or… wherever it matters, there’s always time to stream on Twitter.

De Santis is a conservative Republican with traditional values. I can’t be the Republican that I was Reaganbut today there is no spirit of the 80s, in which the government was superfluous and an individual could do everything.

De Santis is an evolution adapted to the moment: intervention and defender where she belongs, liberation and militancy where she deserves it. persistent anti-awakening which on the left has an ideal field of action to compare with.

“Are you telling me that Donald Trump is not fighting the left?” From my point of view, the former president fights everything that is not him.

De Santis is the governor of Florida, and he is not one to sit idly by. In fact, if he was known for anything outside of his state (before running in the primaries), it was his confrontation with the Disney Corporation.

De Santis is an evolution adapted to the moment: intervention and defender where she belongs, liberation and militancy where she deserves it.

First, let’s clarify that Disney has two parks in the United States: one in Anaheim (California) is called Disneyland and another one in Orlado, Florida called Disney World. Both are almost self-contained cities with their own rules, but now, of course, that’s at stake in Florida.

A year ago, Ron De Santis signed the so-called Parental Rights Act. The law applies to schools in the state of Florida and, among other measures, prohibits discussion of sexuality and gender identity in the classroom. Neither for nor against: it’s not a matter of being seen in a classroom.

Another measure is that it gives parents the right to decide whether their children will attend psychological and medical services in schools. The centers offer these services (Who hasn’t been to the school infirmary??), but parents may choose to ignore the services offered by the school if their confidence in them is limited.

In fact, it allows parents to sue schools if they realize there is indoctrination on gender issues.

The fact is that all this caused a series of protests in the state of Florida and one of the groups that became more active in them was employees Disney World. The first consequence is that Disney sided with its employees against the law.

De Santis then went on the attack and, ironically, began calling the corporation “Woke up Disney”; He limited this self-government to the park and went so far as to claim that “there’s a new sheriff in town.”

Based on the law he signed into law, he asked the Florida Board of Education to extend the rules to high schools, and in response, Disney announced that it would not invest $1 billion in Florida, which leads to … of course, California (a state with very broad Democratic support ) and sued the governor for abuse of power.

So, in the midst of all this (or rather, taking advantage of it), De Santis announces his entry into the race for the White House. And he does it with Elon Musk: the businessman who resurrected NASA, shut down Twitter, and is the head of Tesla, the electric car company that drove the High Purchasing Power Awakening movement crazy with zero emissions. Especially in California. paradoxes of life.

Let’s face it, the De Santis-Trump battle will be what will give the most interest to this presidential campaign. What’s more, the hostility is being maintained, with Trump already calling Ron de Santis “DeSantimonio” to spread the idea that the governor is a moralist.

I bet that in the next few months, Joe Biden will be just a shadow used as a benchmark to see which of the two is more active against the Democrats.

Now this ad is fading away Tim Scott, who also announced that he was running for president as a Republican. But in my opinion, what Scott did was present himself as Donald Trump’s vice president, because in his advertising he spoke more about the spirit than the essence, covering up Trump’s main flaw and showing a rivalry with De Santis.