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Armed group shoots man five times in Porto Uniao


On Friday night (17) in Porto Uniao, on the Northern Plateau of Santa Catarina, a man was shot five times. The attempted murder took place in the city center around 10 pm.

In Porto Uniau, a man received five shots from a firearm. Illustrative photo: PM/Disclosure/ND

According to witnesses, several people were at a table in front of the diner when two men allegedly arrived and fired several shots at the group. In addition, in the same area, a man was lying in front of the bank.

Military police rushed to the scene and found the victim unconscious. She reported who and where the alleged perpetrator of the crime lives, and with this information the Prime Minister went to the place, but the suspect was not in the house.

The victim, who had been shot five times with a firearm, was taken to San Brush Hospital for surgery.

According to the prime minister, at least three people were involved in the crime, and the cameras could record the actions of the criminals.

Source: Ndmais


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