Maximo Huerta was Minister of Culture and Sports for six days. After Pedro Sanchez announced his appointment, the writer was criticized for being in the media and for some personal tweets from the past. In Journey with Chester, Máximo spoke to Risto Mejide about his resignation from the government and spoke about the position the president offered him a month after he resigned.
Maximo admitted that he was disappointed with the way his case was resolved. “It hurt me to see how they were all protecting others like Pedro Duque and no one called me,” he explained. In this sense, the letter also indicated that some socialists would have told him in private that everything would be “the strategy of the President’s people” as a method of propaganda.
“Zapatero wouldn’t do that. He would have come out and said that it was a fine paid and that was it,” Maximo Huerta added regarding the debt he allegedly owed to the Treasury and that it was the last straw of his week as minister.
A month later, a single call will ring: Pedro Sanchez. After “a very naive message from Carmen Calvo”, as Máximo Huerta described it, the President of Spain would call him to offer him a position at the Instituto Cervantes, but the writer declined the offer.
“I told him he shouldn’t have offered it and I shouldn’t have accepted it after everything that happened. It would be very good, because it was my dream. But I was so afraid of the press and digital media that I could not withstand this pressure, ”admitted Maximo Huerta.