Alexander Ceferinthe president UEFAhe was talking about a kiss Luis Rubiales. As a criminal lawyer, he indicated that he believes “reckless” which will be classified as “Serious crime” his behavior with Jenny Hermoso.

Being the president of UEFA, and given that Luis Rubiales was the vice-president of the said organization, they both spoke about it. “We talked several times. His actions were inappropriate and reckless, and as a result, he could not win this battle.. He couldn’t stay. We spoke several times and my opinion was that it would be better for the Spanish federation if he resigned.. However, I cannot say how decisive my advice was,” Aleksandar Čeferin told Slovenian media. N1.

“What Rubiales did was, as I said, inappropriate and reckless. But when I read that this is a serious crime… As a criminal lawyer, this seems completely illogical to me.. You, Journalists took this story to this level.”, he decreed.

Aleksandar Čeferin took the opportunity to express his intention to promote the presence of women in the organization he leads. “There are very few women in football. I hope that we will soon increase the number of places reserved for them in UEFA bodies.”, he concluded.

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UEFA did not come to Rubiales’ defense

In a desperate attempt to save his boss Luis Rubiales, Andreu Camps, general secretary of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), even asked UEFA to come to his defense. Aleksandar Čeferin, in turn, did not succumb to pressure, because if he did, the presence of Spanish teams in European competition would be under threat.

“Camps’ only intention is to get UEFA to threaten the Spanish government with suspension of the RFEF and subsequent exclusion from all European competitions.. This is the same move that Villar then made with Blatter,” he said on this occasion in the newspaper. Zero wave politician who prefers to remain anonymous.