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Greasy hair? Find out 4 tips for caring for wires and keeping them looking flawless


Oiliness protects the scalp, but did you know that excessive oiliness can compromise hair health?

The main causes of oily hair are the accumulation of products on the scalp, washing the hair too often and even using hot water for washing.

The most appropriate frequency of shampooing is every other day. Photo: Freepik/ND

How to know if hair is oily?

Oily hair has three main characteristics:

  1. the appearance of dandruff;
  2. Itching;
  3. Oiliness at the roots and ends of the hair.

Is there a proper shampooing frequency?

Excessive washing will not help you, on the contrary. They can cause the natural oiliness of the hair to be removed and let the body know that it needs to increase its production.

Therefore, it is best to wash your hair every other day, depending on how oily your hair is.

Products for oily hair

Using specific products for your hair type will greatly help you balance the oiliness of your strands.

Products that include clay, calendula, and jaborandi are best for removing this excess oil.

Give preference to natural products

While sulfate, found in most shampoos, helps reduce oiliness, it is very aggressive and does more harm than good.

Therefore, opt for more natural and sulfate-free products that guarantee you a longer lasting result.

Important tip: do not wet or heat the scalp!

Dryer temperatures, the use of hats and hats on a hot day, and even hot water, should be avoided.

Excess heat stimulates the sebaceous glands, causing the body to produce more oil to protect the scalp.

Pay attention to the root

The fat content of our strands begins at the roots, so it is important to pay more attention and care to it.

For example, never use conditioner, moisturizer, or detangling cream close to the roots, as this will lead to dandruff.

Source: Ndmais


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