A new batch of 218 family doctors trained in the Community of Madrid ends their training period in May and can join the staff of health centers where they are needed by doctors and citizens.

In a survey of 200 such MIRs, 75% wanted to work in First aidbut the current situation in Madrid Health, which is open conflict between health workers and administration, discourages many of them from continuing.

According to a survey conducted by the organization Medical Union AMITSwho is on strike against health, near 70% are considering leaving Madrid unless current working conditions change. In fact, 43.8% would like to stay in Madrid, but only because of a good contract, and 20% are directly considering leaving the region and working in primary health care in another community.

If this trend continues, the situation of 2022 will repeat itself, when only 20 of the 219 family medicine MIDs accepted the contracts proposed by the Administration.

The survey looks at day shift work in Madrid’s primary health care system: 65% of Madrid residents who would like to work in Madrid would agree to this part-time shift if it goes into the morning shift at least two days a week. But MIRs do not want to work only in the afternoon, only 7.3% would choose a fixed day shift.