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Public hearings on school safety take place in Blumenau


On Thursday evening (25) the city of Blumenau in the Itajai Valley hosted the public, principals, teachers, politicians and authorities to discuss school safety. This was the first external public hearing held by Alesc (Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina) to discuss the formation of a collective bill.

Public hearings on school safety take place in Blumenau – Photo: NDTV Disclosure

The meeting, organized through the Joint Committee on School Safety (Comseg Escolar), presented proposals for drafting a bill developed in conjunction with other public and private organizations.

Alesc President Mauro Nadal (MDB) notes that the event was important as it provided an opportunity to discuss ideas with organized civil society. “These ideas reaching this Comseg group allow us to realize this project, which ranges from prevention to an internal moment in our schools.”

During the hearing, those present honored the memory of the victims of the attack on the Cantinho Bom Pastor kindergarten with a minute of silence and recalled the fact that caused the discussion. The audience was able to make suggestions and ask questions on the topics discussed. The bill is expected to be ready by the end of July.

Hearing brought up important points

According to state MP Luciana Carminatti (PT), president of the group’s Education Commission, some of the issues discussed are already among the most accepted and should be part of the project.

“First of all, schools need pedagogical technical support. Another central discussion is related to physical structures, we have many schools with a huge architectural structure that cannot be solved by one police officer because he does not control the entire school area. We also need to educate the community, bring the community closer to the school, and improve technologies and monitoring mechanisms in schools,” he stressed.

Blumenau Mayor Mario Hildebrandt emphasizes that the involvement of the Santa Catarina government is important to ensure the safety of all educational institutions.

“The involvement of the state government is important for us to discuss the uniformity of public schools, public schools, and private schools, because a student who is in any institution is a student of our city, is a student of our state and needs to have the hand of the state and municipality for his protection.”

Source: Ndmais


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