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Body of man with pierced head found in Penza


The body of a 44-year-old man was found in Peña, on the north coast of Santa Catarina, this Friday morning (26). The victim had a hole in the side of his head, which, according to the military police, was caused by a shot from a firearm.

The victim was found alive in the area of ​​Santa Lidia – Photo: Arquivo/Bruno Golembewski/ND

Peña’s military police received a call around 07:20 am on Friday to respond to the discovery of the body.

The body was found on Rua Francisco Machado, at the corner of SC 414-II, in the Santa Lidia area.

At the scene, police officers found the lifeless body of a 44-year-old man. He had a hole in the left side of his head, probably caused by a gunshot.

Residents of the area said they heard two shots that looked like gunshots at night.

The body was identified as that of a man with a registered address in Peña.

In addition, he had records of possession or possession of drugs for personal use, assault, driving without a license, resisting, minor bodily harm, threats, and domestic violence.

The General Expertise Institute (IGP) conducted an expert study and the Civil Police opened an investigation into the case.

Source: Ndmais


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