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VIDEO: Chase from Itapema to San Jose leads to confiscation of 137 kg of marijuana


Disobedience to a stop order followed by a BR-101 chase early Saturday morning (25) in Itapema, north coast of Santa Catarina, resulted in the seizure of 137 kg of marijuana.

According to the PRF (Federal Highway Police), a Ford/Fiesta with Palhoça license plates disobeyed the order and only stopped after crashing into a highway construction site in San Jose, Greater Florianopolis.

The suspect was pursued for 60 km on BR-101 – Photo: Reproduction / PRF

The driver at high speed fled to the south of the highway, having made several dangerous maneuvers, walked along the side of the road and stopped only 60 km after the first landing approach. He still tried to escape on foot, but was caught by the police.

Several marijuana tablets with a total weight of 137 kg were found in the car. A 22-year-old man was taken to the San Jose Police Station for drug trafficking, disobedience and driving without a license causing harm.

137 kg of marijuana seized in the car – Video: Reproduction/PRF

Source: Ndmais


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