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Man who pushed medicine from seventh floor in Itajai is ‘very dangerous’


A task force from the Santa Catarina and Tocantins security teams identified and arrested last Saturday (25) a 28-year-old man suspected of pushing pharmaceutical products to 34-year-old Gabriela Alves Grecco in Itajaí from the 7th floor on the north coast of Santa Catarina.

The crime took place on March 14 in the apartment where the victim lived in the Cordeiros area. According to Tocantins civil police, the man was arrested on a bus passing through Guarai (Tornado) and used the dead man’s papers to buy tickets.

Suspect arrested in Tocantins for pushing a woman off the 7th floor in Itajai – Photo: Reproduction/Internet

The suspect was under surveillance by teams from the 7th Guarai Service Center, 5th Deic (Organized Crime Unit) and PRF (Federal Highway Police) with military police support.

According to Deputy Anderson Alves, who is in charge of the operation, security services have already received information that the man suspected of femicide in Santa Catarina is on the run and may be passing through Tocantins.

“Having the information, we began to monitor the situation and turned to the federal traffic police for support in order to approach the bus where the suspect could be, and at about 15 o’clock the man who was inside approached the team and was arrested,” the police spokesman said.

Residents of the street where the possible feminicide may have occurred have never seen the suspect in the area – Photo: Reproduction/GoogleResidents of the street where the possible feminicide may have occurred have never seen the suspect in the area – Photo: Reproduction/Google

Escape from Papud

Also, according to Chief Andreson, this man, who is part of a criminal gang, was serving a sentence in Papuda (DF) prison for drug trafficking, but eventually fled to Itajai, where he was supposed to meet with pharmacist Gabriela Alves Grecco.

“An investigation by the Santa Catarina Civil Police indicates that on the night of Monday (13), the victim arrived with this person at the apartment where they spent the night. It turns out that at about 6 am on Tuesday (14), the neighbors would have heard a stormy conversation, followed by a fight, after which the woman would have been thrown out of the apartment, which is located on the 7th floor of the house, ”the delegation emphasized.

Gabriela Alves Grecco was buried this Thursday (age 16) - Photo: Internet/Reproduction/NDGabriela Alves Grecco was buried this Thursday (age 16) – Photo: Internet/Reproduction/ND

After the tragedy, the man went to the window of the apartment and began to shout that he was not to blame for the accident and that Gabriela threw herself “voluntarily.” He then escaped by climbing up the outside of the building.

Witnesses stated that they never saw the man at the scene and that he arrived with Gabriela around 00:00 on Tuesday. However, according to witnesses to the alleged femicide in Itajai, Gabriela was pushed off the balcony of the apartment where she lived.

The pharmacist was assisted by a military fire brigade and taken to the UPA (emergency department), where the medical team pronounced him dead.

Leak in the air conditioning system

After killing Gabriela, the man escaped from the 7th floor of the building, jumping from apartment to apartment using air conditioners until he reached the floor where he disappeared.

Shortly thereafter, he went to the hotel, where he stayed on the basis of the document of the deceased person. However, the police found out about this and went to the place, but he hid, and when the police left, he bought a ticket from Itajaí to São Luis do Maranhao online, again using the document of the deceased.


The Santa Catarina Civil Police began following the man and found that he had boarded the bus to escape, but did not yet know in which company he had boarded.

So, not far from Guaraia, it was established that he was in a bus belonging to the Satelite company, when at about 3 pm police officers approached the team and found him inside the car.

very dangerous

Interviews conducted by the civilian police indicate that the individual is a person who is considered extremely dangerous and, according to him, made during interrogation, is the perpetrator of several murders among other crimes.

“In addition to being a member of a faction and serving a sentence for drug trafficking in Papuda Prison in Brasilia, he has a criminal record for theft, murder, human trafficking, self-disrespect, domestic violence, and now feminicide,” said Delegate Andreson.

Source: Ndmais


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