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Little Mermaid: Find out what are the new, different and deleted songs from the new live action Little Mermaid: Find out what are the new, different and deleted songs from the new live action


The Little Mermaid: Find out what are the new, different and excluded songs from the new live show

The Little Mermaid: Find out what are the new, different and excluded songs from the new live performance

The little mermaid presented her new version live action this Thursday (25) starring talented singer Halle Bailey in the title role of Princess Ariel. His melodic voice brings a lot more emotion to the songs, but this is not the only change in the film’s soundtrack. In addition to creating completely new songs, the producers also changed the lyrics of classic songs and completely cut another song.

New songs

The chemistry between Sabidao and Sebastião led to the creation of two duets for a duet (K. Disney).

Comparing the new project’s soundtrack to the original 1989 animation, the first big difference is the amount of music present. Live action added three original songs to the film to better develop some of the characters: wild uncharted waters (At the bottom of these watersin the Brazilian version) Prince Eric (John Hauer-King); For the first time (Everything is so new), Ariel (Halle Bailey) and Scuttlebutt (Zoom Zoom Zoom), a duet between Sabidão (Awkwafina) and Sebastião (Daveed Diggs).

part of your world (part of your world), the main song performed by Ariel, also receives a second reprise. This means that the princess sings in another scene a slightly modified version of the classic, adding to its original meaning.

The songs were written in collaboration between Lin-Manuel MirandaV Hamilton This CharmThis Alan Menken, one of the co-authors of the original animation. In the classic film, Mencken worked with Howard Ashmanwho died in 1991. The new duo also updated the lyrics of two songs to avoid mis-messaging very young girls, which was not discussed at the time of songwriting.

different songs

“Kiss the Girl” is even more magical in the game version (C. Disney)

Poor unfortunate souls (unfortunate hearts), for example, has a large altered passage, hinting that a girl needs to be silent in order to win a man. In the late 1980s, women were still fighting to make their voices heard, and almost 35 years later, common sense says that no one should go down to please someone else. Thus, the new version omits this part and includes a brief reference to the clashes between Ariel and her overprotective father, which are more present in the plot.

Another, which underwent much more subtle changes, was kiss the girlor kiss the girl in the national version. The new version, performed by Sebastiao to cheer up Prince Eric, has a choral duet with Sabidao. And the text is slightly modified to subtly add a consent question. in dubbed version “It’s true, you like her the way you see / Maybe she likes you / Don’t even ask her” the ending was changed to “When in doubt, ask”. The following verses “Well she won’t talk, she’ll only show / If you kiss her” turned around “It’s a sign, it’s a perfect night / Now it’s just a kiss”.

remote music

No fish were harmed in the production of the live action movie (K. Disney)

In addition to these news, there is another very curious case. One song was completely removed from the soundtrack of the new movie “Le Poisson”. The song was seen as a great French stereotype, which may have influenced the decision to cut it. But besides not adding anything to the story, perhaps the biggest motive for even trying to change it was the animated scene. With the butchered fish and the guts tossed onto the plate, this sequence would look pretty rough in live actionwhich would scare many children.

What do you think about the changes? Have you seen the new Little Mermaid? Be sure to comment!

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