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+50 influencers wear viral Zara sequin skirt and sneakers: the most elegant and daring look


Falda lentejuelas Zara

Who said glitter is only for Christmas? Not much less! Follow the trend that Zara brings us, because the sequin skirt from their new collection has already gone viral and conquered influential persons +50 for various occasions.

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Influencers +50 pair a Zara skirt with sequins and sneakers.

Skirt with sequins from the new Zara collection This is one of those elegant, rejuvenating and versatile pieces of clothing that is filled with details that make it big. We saw her a few days ago Anya Antolin, and now Carmen Gimeno. And both influencers have done what we like. Even though the first thing we think of when we see this skirt is the guest look… They wore it daily with athletic style sneakers!

How are you reading this? Two of our favorite 50+ influencers showed us that sequined skirt like this one from Zara may be part everyday look. Below, we’ll tell you how they managed to reinvent this guest skirt and break down all the good stuff so you can see what’s worth signing up for. And of course… We already copied it!

Flattering Zara Sequined Skirt Effects

Apart from the sequins that already make it a special piece of clothing, this Zara skirt stands out for its color. Green cannot be missing in the wardrobe this spring, because it is one of the trendy colors. Something we love because it does a lot of good, brightens the look and also has effect removes years

As for its form, we like that it’s a tube. These straight cut skirts are a big trend and we love it because they are very flattering. Except, this Zara clothes has a high waist and it’s great to achieve the visual effect of waist slimming. You can’t ask for more!

Zara sequin skirt


What shoes do +50 influencers wear with a Zara sequined skirt?

Both Ana and Carmen matched when it comes to combine it in the youngest way have an elegant casual look with it. Both chose sports shoes. While the first led some classic adidas with gold stripes, second decanted for multi-colored New Balance.

How to wear a Zara skirt with sequins for everyday wear

They also matched when combined Zara skirt with sequins and blazer. Ana Antolin wore one of them in green, to which she gave all her attention to the fashionable spring tone. In Carmen’s case, she wore a plaid blazer to create the most elegant contrast.

They also had in common that don’t wear socks. So they bared their ankles, trick to achieve the effect of leg lengthening and styling.

By these two sentences in appearance they showed that with basic wardrobe items and sneakers in a sporty styleThis Zara sequined skirt can be part of a flawless, modern and rejuvenating spring look.

How to wear a Zara sequined skirt for a guest look

Now we will tell you how to combine This sequined skirt is from Zara for a guest look. Pay attention, because it’s very simple! All you need is a white blouse, put it inside your skirt, put it on some dress shoes or high-heeled sandals and… voila! Now that weddings, baptisms, communions are coming and even the April Fairso you will have a flawless look.

We copied the sequin skirt at Zara

And here you have it! We went to Zara to sign a sequin skirt and then we will share it with you so you can find it quickly. And we also bring you two of the same sneakers as hers so you can complete the look in such a youthful way.

Zara sequin skirt

Zara (REF-2881/908)

Slippers El Corte Ingles
New balance

New balance (57/40)

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