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Is the future of the Oscars gender neutral?


“It’s hard for me to justify being non-binary and getting a nomination in those categories.” Here’s the problem, Emma Corrin spoke about this after winning the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Diana Spencer. Star Crown he does not reject female roles as well as male ones, but uses the pronouns they/them and does not recognize himself in the binary vision of gender, either you are a man or you are a woman. What to do? Film competitions and musicians ask themselves a problem and fMaybe it’s time for Oscar to become gender neutral as well.

The Oscars could be gender neutral

Asian star Kate Dillon calls herself non-binary.
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Oscar, genre and awards

In 2021 Asia Kate Dillon, non-binary translator of the series. Billions, called the gender division of the awards “exclusive and quite dangerous”. “These categories are about ‘best results for a person who identifies as a woman’ and ‘best result for a person who identifies as a man’, but there is no place in the binary for my identity,” just as Corrin explained. Therefore, the question arises whether it really makes sense to continue to reward the performances of artists, both in film and in music, dividing them by genre. and if it doesn’t make sense instead to evaluate the absolute skill of the performers as artists. The Grammy and Emmy awards answered this question, and now the awards are awarded only depending on the type of work.

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Of course, there are risks. The problem is not the removal of biological sex, as conservatives claim, but rather the possibility that by removing categories like Best Actress, we end up once again giving more weight to privileged subjects like heterosexual white men. “It’s like saying that sexism is solved and we no longer need to pay attention to this, even if the vast majority of voters at the ceremony are men, ”wrote, for example, journalist Mark Harris on The newspaper “New York Times. The Brit Awards eliminated gender categories for two years, but as a result, artists and non-binary people were completely absent from the nominations in the latest edition.

Anyway The academy considers the debate, perhaps also given the criticism of sexism in Hollywood and #OscarSoWhite. Los Angeles Times She recently called gender-separated Oscars a “sexist Hollywood relic”, and Academy sources say she doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of the debate on the industry’s “underlying issues of representation and inclusion”. Therefore, the forecasts seem favorable: during an interview with BBCdirector Empire of Light Sam Mendes said removing gender categories from the Oscars would be “inevitable”. “I think that’s the direction we’re going in,” he said, “and I think that’s perfectly reasonable.”

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