The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) releases another year of a report that categorizes most innovative companies in the world. In this issue, under the slogan “reaching new heights in uncertain times”, the study especially highlights the desire of technology companies to innovate, which in this ranking Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Samsung and Huawei are in the lead.

In addition, there are other organizations that stand out for their innovative potential in various fields of activity. Tesla, Amazon, Moderna, BYD and Siemenswho complete top 10 among 50 selected companies.

To prepare this ranking, BCG conducted survey of more than 1000 managers this made it possible to evaluate companies on four parameters: share of mind global, made up of the opinions of the leaders of their sector; The destruction of the industry, which reflects the Diversity Index (Herfindahl-Hirschman) of votes in all sectors and the creation of value through the total return of shareholders. The questions included some related to the company’s use of AI, which is one of the areas companies have shown the most interest in investing in this year.

According to BCG, the report shows that companies that prioritize innovation and say they are ready to take action noted significant lead over competitors They did not follow this line of action. In this context, global uncertainty has been one of the aspects that define the business context. Despite these circumstances, the study shows that innovation is one of the three priorities for 2023 for 79% of companies, this share exceeds 75% in 2022 and approaches 82% in 2019.

In addition, 42% expect significantly increase spending this year. As proof of this, it is worth recalling the huge investments in research and development of companies such as Tesla, which invested more than three billion dollars in 2022, or Huawei, which invests more than $23 billion, which is 25.1% of total income, in a pioneering chapter , exceeding the percentage of previous years.

The study also highlights that most innovation-focused companies share a number of common characteristics that enable them to perform better, be more resilient to crises and shocks, and enable them to get the most out of innovation. create value quickly. Along with human and technological capabilities, first of all, artificial intelligencel, innovation culture stands out as one of the main attributes inherent in these companies.