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Carnival without water: Itajai and Navegantes face water shortages for the fifth day in a row


The towns of Itajaí and Navegantes on the northern coast are once again suffering from water shortage problems. Several regions have been affected since last Thursday (8).

The municipalities of Itajaí and Navegantes faced water shortages during the Carnival – Photo: Semasa/Disclosure/ND

Itajaí Municipal Water Supply, Basic Sanitation and Infrastructure Service (Semasa) issued a statement on Thursday announcing the problem, saying that the water supply system was experiencing low water levels in its main reservoirs and that the shortage was caused by emergency maintenance of filters and electrical equipment.

In Itajaí, the hardest hit areas were Centro, Nossa Senhora das Grasas, Fazenda and Praia Brava.

“San Roque and Arapongas treatment plants are operating at maximum water production capacity, but high levels of consumption are causing destabilization in the water supply network. Without sufficient pressure in the pipes, boosters (pumps) installed to supply higher areas of the city automatically shut down, resulting in a shortage of assets. This Saturday afternoon Praia Brava encountered difficulties and all boosters are switched off,” reads a message on the municipality’s website.

This Monday (12) water shortages persist in some communities. According to Semasa, the reason could be high consumption, which reduced pressure in some areas such as Cidade Nova and Espineiros.

“The treatment plant has continued to produce water at maximum capacity since Sunday (11). The problem is caused by very high consumption due to extreme heat,” Semasa explains.

Supply problems also continue in Praia Brava, according to resident Regiane da Cunha.

“We have been without water for almost five days, I live in the upper part of Brava and I suffer more because when the water enters the lower part there is no pressure to rise here. I live at home with an elderly person and I have orthopedic problems, I cannot climb a mountain with buckets of water. We go through this suffering, we buy mineral water to drink, shower and cook; there is no way to wash clothes and dishes,” he says.

There are no forecasts for normalization of water supply

Semasa reports that there is no forecast for normalization and that the warning also concerns the possibility of cloudiness in taps. Consumers are encouraged to conserve water to restore the system, especially water stored in reservoirs and cisterns, by avoiding use in activities that can be delayed, such as washing vehicles, clothing, sidewalks and building facades.

Source: Ndmais


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