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Woman killed by UK Prime Minister after shack with Pitbull, ex-husband and children


In confusion at the door of her ex-husband’s house, a woman was killed by the Prime Minister (Military Police) early Sunday morning (11 o’clock) in Lacerdopolis, Midwestern Santa Catarina. She was shot dead after she broke into the house and threatened to kill her ex-husband and her own children, the prime minister said.

Military police responded to a violent incident in Lacerdopolis, in the midwestern region of SC. – Photo: Disclosure/PMSC/ND

According to the police report, the ex-husband called a police car, and when officers approached, the woman stabbed the officer and released the pit bull dog to attack other officers.

The dog was held by her ex-husband, and the officer who was stabbed was protected by a vest, which prevented more serious injury. The unsatisfied woman would return to the house for two more knives.

The Prime Minister claims he tried to restrain his ex-wife, but claims that as the attacks continued he was forced to shoot the woman in the leg, who did not survive.

The woman’s death will be investigated

According to Colonel Ronaldo Branco, commander of the 26th BPM, the entire incident was recorded on a police body camera.

The case is now being processed through two channels: a military police investigation (IPM) and another police investigation (IP), the latter carried out by the judicial police.

The Major justifies the Prime Minister’s actions

Major Vilmar Rosa, commander of the 2nd military police company Capinzall, explains that the author had several opportunities to stop the aggression, “however, she chose to attack the lives of the police.”

He called the police actions “legitimate” and said that if agents had not acted, “innocent lives would have been lost.”

Source: Ndmais


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