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A man set fire to his ex’s motorcycle, made threats and was eventually arrested for another reason in Blumenau


This Sunday (11), a 32-year-old woman experienced moments of horror when her ex-boyfriend surprised her at home in Blumenau, in Vale do Itajaí. It was around 8:30 am when the military police were called and told what had happened.

The victim and his son were attacked by a man arrested this Sunday (11) – Photo: Freepik/Disclosure/ND

The incident took place in the Nova Esperanza area and the victim of the attack said she was at home with her son when her ex-partner surprised her. A 41-year-old man broke into the house, opened the door and flooded the area with diesel fuel.

In the garage, he doused the woman’s motorcycle with fuel, struck a match and set it on fire. The woman also said that during the invasion he attacked her in the face and back, threatening her family with death.

The fire was small and neighbors quickly put it out using a hose and buckets of water. The victim’s son, a 15-year-old teenager, was also attacked by his mother’s ex-boyfriend and suffered minor injuries.

Neighbors tried to stop the attacker, but he managed to escape from the scene on another motorcycle. Witnesses were able to tell where the suspect lived and he was found at his home.

The man had an outstanding arrest warrant and was arrested

At the scene, when the man’s records were checked, it was confirmed that he had an open arrest warrant against him for failure to pay child support.

He was taken to the police center for procedures and then to prison to comply with the court order issued by the Blumenau District Court.

Source: Ndmais


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