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The policeman’s day off ended with a chase and a move in the Southern SK


A military police officer’s day off ended with a chase and a rollover in Crisium, south of Santa Catarina. The incident was recorded on Monday afternoon (18) in the Morro Estevan area.

The police officer was off duty when he spotted the suspicious vehicle – Photo: PMSC/Disclosure/ND

According to military police, a police officer from the city of Jaguaruna, also in the south of the state, was off-duty driving along the beach when he saw a suspicious vehicle traveling in the opposite direction and overtaking in prohibited areas.

After approaching and identifying the car, he checked the license plate and saw that it was reported stolen. He soon began pursuing the suspects in his own vehicle and called Garrison, who was on patrol.

At the same time as escorting the registered vehicle, the officer informed the garrison of its location. However, already in Crisium, the pursued car collided with a tree and overturned along with three armed men.

When patrol officers arrived at the scene, two suspects had already fled into the wooded area, and the last one was stuck among the rubble. The fugitives have not yet been found.

The other male victim of the accident was removed from the vehicle by Samu (Mobile Emergency Services) and taken to San Jose Hospital and then to the police station.

In a statement to the police, he said that he had just hitched a ride with the fugitives, but could not provide details of the alleged trip.

All garrisons of the 9th and 29th military police battalions took part in the incident, and a police complaint was registered.

Source: Ndmais


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