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VIDEO: Pictures show impressive helicopter rescue along SA trail.


An impressive rescue was recorded this Sunday (17) in Joinville, in the north of Santa Catarina. A woman had to be rescued by Agia’s helicopter from the Prime Minister (military police) after she was injured on the Castelo dos Bugres trail.

The impressive rescue was captured from multiple angles – Photo: PM/Reproduction/ND

A 51-year-old victim has a suspected fracture. She was walking with a group of friends in a remote region. After the woman was shot, one of the group returned to the trail to find a cell phone signal and call for help.

Agii’s helicopter was called and the crew located the group of people, but the victim was located in a different location, about 45 minutes away, deep in the forest.

One of the officers exited the plane and continued searching for the victim on foot. Check the redemption time:

The victim was lifted and transported to a safe place – Video: PM/Reproduction/ND

Policeman explains impressive rescue

“About 2 kilometers into the journey, this woman was found with a broken ankle and a dislocated knee,” explained Corporal Correa from the Prime Minister. The clearing needed to be opened to provide a smoke signal and indicate where the victim was so he could be removed from the area by helicopter, Correa said. See salvation from the other side:

The operation was mobilized to rescue the victim – Video: PM/Reproduction/ND

After recovery, the policeman and the victim were taken to a safe area on the shore of SC-418, where they boarded a helicopter for transport to the hospital.

Source: Ndmais


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