Mossos d’Esquadra arrested four people in Barcelona during an operation in which they dismantled a laboratory for the production of hemp candywhere 66,000 chocolates worth about 150,000 euros intervened, which the judge ordered to be burned and destroyed.

According to the regional police today, four detainees – three men and one woman aged 32 to 42, with no criminal record – were released by court order.

In addition to trinkets containing THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid from the cannabis plant, the detainees kept about 140 marijuana plants and 2,061 cuttings, which were also calcined, in the basement of their premises in Orta Guinardo, which they used as a laboratory and warehouse.

The appearance of sweets and chocolates and the way they were packaged could be misleading to a person unaware of their content, such as a minor, so these products could be easily consumed and posed a high risk to his health, according to the department. Mosos.

In addition, the Catalan police have warned that the premises do not meet the hygienic and sanitary conditions necessary for the processing and preparation of food for consumption.

marijuana plantation

The investigation began on March 15, when a Mossos agent on duty said he saw some people with surveillance in front of the premises loading crates full of marijuana scraps into a car parked on the sidewalk.

Subsequently, Mosso confirmed that there were more boxes with more food items, including chocolate bars, sweets and drinks, inside the premises, and that their packaging indicated that they contained THC.

When the Mosso searched the premises, they found a marijuana plantation in the basement with 28 mature plants and 116 in the process of growing, as well as a kitchen that supposedly served as a laboratory for making cannabis-filled knick-knacks.

During the search, Mosso seized 7,000 euros in cash, 66,000 THC trinkets distributed in 91 cartons, totaling between 120,000 and 150,000 euros, and marijuana plants worth about 7,000 euros. already burned and destroyed by court order.