The Rov submarine that descended this Saturday to check if the metal structure located on the ship Artabro, in charge of the mission to search, locate and inspect the wreck of the Villa de Pitanjo, confirmed that this Galician fishing vessel sank in February 2022 years in Newfoundland waters. After this confirmation, the next task of the operation deployed by Artabro will be to record the wreck to try to clarify what happened on February 15, 2022, when 21 of the 24 sailors died in the Pitancho shipwreck. board.

From there, the families of the victims tried to find out what happened, so they always asked to lower the wreckage to look for clues. After the Artabro discovered a metal structure this Friday in the same area where the Pitancho sank, families “waited and hoped” for confirmation that it was indeed the Galician fishing boat.

During the investigation, the judge took evidence from the captain of the fishing boat, Juan Padina, as the defendant, his nephew Eduardo Rial, and the sailor Samuel Quesi as witnesses, since they were the only survivors of the shipwreck.

The judicial investigation is due to the fact that Samuel Kwesi proposed a version that contradicts the version put forward by Padin and Rial, and which would indicate possible negligence on their part, which could provoke a tragedy.

Having accepted their testimony, the magistrate forbade the captain of the fishing boat to leave Spain, seized his passport, and introduced the precautionary measure that every two weeks he appeared in court and his whereabouts were established. Now the inspection of the ship will serve as evidence in the case.