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A new crossing over the Morro do Amaral, estimated at 1 million reais, is to be built in Joinville.


The new crossing is to be built in the Morro do Amaral area of ​​Joinville, north of Santa Catarina, at an estimated cost of 1 million reais. The bid notice was posted this Friday (2).

The existing overpass on the site is the only access to the area – Photo: Joinville City Hall/Reproduction/ND

According to the City Hall of Joinville, the crossing will be built across the Riacho River on Curt Meinert Avenue, which leads to the Morro do Amaral area. The structure is to be made of reinforced concrete and the bidding will take place electronically.

The construction of the crossing should not block the road

The new crossing should be 24 meters long and nine meters wide, with two traffic lanes and footpaths. According to the mayor’s office, the equipment used for construction should not block the road during the period of work.

The maximum construction cost is 1,027,247.17 reais and bidding is due to open on 12 July. The estimated turnaround time after a Service Order is six months.

Source: Ndmais


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