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“We are in the beginning of a collapse,” Esperidian Amin says of BR-101 in Joinville and Itajai.


Senator Esperidiao Amin (PP) said this Wednesday (31) that BR-101 in Joinville, north of Santa Catarina, and Itajai, on the north coast of the state, is experiencing “the beginning of collapse.” The situation on the highway was discussed at a meeting at the headquarters of ANTT (National Land Transport Agency) with the agency’s CEO, Rafael Vitale.

The meeting took place this Wednesday (31) at ANTT headquarters – Photo: Imprensa/ANTT

According to Amin, budgets for emergency and restoration work on the highway should be completed in June. “We are already experiencing the beginning of the collapse. And emergency work to service these two areas of BR-101 is already underway,” says Amin.

Esperidian Amin talks about the collapse of the BR-101The senator said that new meetings should take place in June – Photo: Valdemir Barreto/Agência Senado/ND

The meeting was also attended by Arteris Litoral Sul COO, Cesar Cass, Fiesc Representative, Engineer Egidio Martorano, Federal Deputy Caroline De Toni (LP) representing the Santa Catarina Parliamentary Forum, and the ANTT Technical Team.

Esperidian Amin and BR-101

Also, according to Esperidiao Amin, meetings are to be held in June and early August at which “the necessary priorities will be assessed as a matter of urgency so that Santa Catarina is not affected by the collapse of BR-101 with a decrease in the quality of service.”

Source: Ndmais


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