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Rough house theft suspect arrested by civilian police


A 34-year-old man was arrested this Friday afternoon (26) at the Brusca Center in the Itajai Valley. Suspected of committing a series of robberies in the houses of the city, he was discovered by the theft and robbery department (DFR) of the civilian police.

Civil Police Arrest Suspect in Rough House Burglary Series – Photo: Civil Police/NA Reproduction

The corporation also seized the car that the man used to commit the crimes. A search and seizure warrant was executed by operatives in the house where he lives.

The DFR found that between March and May of this year, the persons under investigation were responsible for breaking into three houses and carrying out a “cleansing operation” in these places. He would also try to commit another theft.

The suspect took advantage of the absence of tenants

According to investigators, the man, taking advantage of the absence of residents, left the car in the backyard or near the victims’ houses, broke out doors and windows, and contributed to the “cleaning” of objects in the house.

However, according to police, he preferred televisions, watches and electronic devices. After interrogation by the DFR, the man was taken to the Brusca Prison Unit, where he remains at the disposal of the Brusca Criminal Court.

Source: Ndmais


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