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Driver killed after overturning firewood truck in Trombudo Central


The 58-year-old driver died after overturning a truck loaded with firewood in Trombudo Central, in Alto Vale do Itajai. The accident happened around 3:30 pm on Sao Paulo Street. The military fire brigade was called to the scene.

Driver killed after overturning firewood truck in Trombudo Central – Photo: Fire Brigade/ND reproduction

According to rescuers, upon arrival at the scene, a Mercedes Benz truck was found to have left the highway and overturned. The car was lying on its side, and the driver’s side was submerged in the river.

Driver dies in rollover at Trombudo Central The accident happened this Friday afternoon (26); The driver was already dead when firefighters arrived – Photo: fire brigade/reproduction ND

The victim was found sandwiched between the equipment of the truck, with no vital signs, and died at the scene.

Firefighters, with the support of other vehicles and a tow truck, managed to remove the body of the victim, which was transferred to the care of the Main Institute of Expertise. The facility was isolated and was under the jurisdiction of the military police, civil defense and the mayor’s office.

Source: Ndmais


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