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A man who lived in PR under an assumed name is arrested for rape committed in Chapeco.


A 55-year-old man was arrested for rape in the municipality of Chapeco in the west of Santa Catarina. According to information from DPCAMI (Delegation for the Protection of Children, Adolescents, Women and the Elderly), this man lived in Curitiba, Parana State, where he was arrested, and lived under an assumed name.

The prison was located in Parana (illustrative image) – Photo: Reproduction / ND

The civilian police delegate in charge of DPCAMI in Chapeco, Lisian Junges, said that the crime was allegedly committed in 2002 and a decision was made to place the person under investigation in preventive detention, however, he was no longer prosecuted for the crime. The age of the victim and the relationship with the man in the police do not disclose.

The investigation found that the man may have been outside the region and on forged documents. Based on initial suspicions, the Chapeco Science Police requested an investigation that proved that the man being investigated for the rape was the same person who lived in the city of Curitiba.

On Friday morning, with the support of the civilian police of Paraná, a warrant for provisional arrest was issued. Now, in addition to being responsible for the crime of rape, he will also be responsible for crimes against the person and forged documents, for which he was arrested at the crime scene in the city of Parana.

Source: Ndmais


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