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Man arrested with various types of drugs in Blumenau


On Saturday evening (18), the military police of Blumenau arrested a 20-year-old man who had various types of drugs in a house located in the Agua Verde area. The police monitored an area known for heavy drug trafficking and arrested the author.

Man arrested with various types of drugs in Blumenau – Photo: Military police / reproduction ND

According to the corporation, police officers saw a man delivering a package to a white car, but at that time they could not approach him. They also tested the movement of possible users around the site.

The police noticed that the suspect left in one car, and after a while returned to another, and soon approached him.

During a body search, the police found a marijuana cigarette and 292 reais in his wallet. Nothing was found in the car. In the same car was the driver of the application, who said that he did not know the suspect and had just taken part in the race, having nothing to do with the crime.

In the face of suspicion, the garrison approached the man’s house and smelled marijuana. About 9 kg of marijuana and accurate scales were found in a box in the basement of the house.

While still at the scene, the police found the author’s identity document, cocaine and hashish in a plastic bag on the table. Also found were precision scales, masking tape, a card machine, and notes from potential customers.

The found material was confiscated, and the person who committed the crime was sent to the police station for other procedures.

Source: Ndmais


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