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Attacks in Rio Grande do Norte: the fifth day of violence in the state


On the night of Friday (17th) and at the beginning of this Saturday (18th), gunmen expelled the inhabitants and set fire to three houses in the Igapo region, in the northern part of Natal. This is the fifth act of violence in Rio Grande do Norte.

As part of a criminal case, four men wearing hoods and bulletproof vests arrived at Travessa Marcílio Dias around 00:30 and kicked out nine residents from three houses, all from the same family. A 77-year-old woman was dragged out of bed with a gun to her head.

A member of the National Army arrives in RN to provide support in the fight against criminals. Photo: Fatima Bezerra/Twitter/Reproduction/ND


According to Rio Grande do Norte’s Minister of Public Security, 104 people were arrested by 6 am this Saturday.

A total of 29 firearms, 87 explosive devices and 23 gallons of gasoline have been seized since last Tuesday (14), as well as 11 motorcycles and two cars, money, drugs and ammunition.

The theft items were also seized. Among those arrested are fugitives from justice and people using electronic bracelets in illegal situations.

federal authorities

With the arrival of the National Secretary of Public Security, Tadeu Alencar, Governor Fatima Bezerra stressed that the joint action of the RN security forces, together with the National Forces, is a demonstration that the group will continue to “tirelessly take the measures necessary to restore peace and public order throughout Rio- Grande do Norte”.

In addition to the national secretary of public security, Rafael Velasco, the national secretary of the penitentiary administration, arrived in Rio Grande do Norte on Thursday.

Rio Grande do Norte military and civilian police officers have joined the National Forces in various parts of the city and in joint action to combat the latest developments that have devastated the state.

Under the coordination of the State Secretariat of Public Security, the reinforcements will cover approximately 500 men and women sent by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.


However, in response to the criminal attacks in Rio Grande do Norte on Friday, as part of the new Focopen (Penal Cooperation Force) action of the National Secretariat of Penitentiary Policy, an agency of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the federal criminal police handed over nine more prisoners from the Rogerio Coutinho prison, located in the Alcasus complex, to the Federal Penitentiary System (SPF).

The operation was supported by the State Department of Prison Administration. Ten state guardians have already been transferred to federal penitentiaries since the crisis began.

The removal was carried out at the request of the State Ministry of Rio Grande do Norte and the local government and authorized by the Criminal Court. Those in custody are charged with crimes such as murder and drug trafficking.

In addition, they are also involved in escape plans and attacks on public and private property in Rio Grande do Norte. Transferred prisoners may remain in any of the five federal units located in Catanduvas (PR), Campo Grande, Mossoro (RN), Porto Velho and Brasilia.

In the pre-trial detention center, prisoners will be isolated in individual cells, with controlled visits and only in the open air, with strict security procedures.

Source: Ndmais


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