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Police arrest murderer of man found dead in Blumenau


On Monday afternoon (06), civilian police arrested 35-year-old Dietmar Walzburger, a suspect in the murder. The stabbed victim’s body was found on December 7, 2022 on Rua Ver. Romario da Conceisan Badia, in the Fortaleza area, in Blumenau.

Police arrest the author of the murder of a man found dead in Blumenau – Photo: reproduction DIC / ND

According to the OVD (Criminal Investigation Department), the man killed Ditmar after the victim forbade the use of drugs in the house where he lived. The place is located in an area where there is a sale and consumption of drugs.

According to police investigations, the author of the crime was dissatisfied with the ban made by the victim and threatened her with death if she did not back down from her decision. When contradicted, he broke into Dietmar’s house and surprised him while he was sleeping in bed, stabbing him in the head with a knife.

Three days after the victim’s body was found, the house was set on fire and authorities are still investigating the case.

Taking into account the evidence, the Civil Police requested a temporary arrest of the suspect for 30 days, which was carried out on January 15.

The murder took place in December 2022 in the Itupawa Norte area – Photo: reproduction DIC/NDThe murder took place in December 2022 in the Itupawa Norte area – Photo: reproduction DIC/ND

During interrogation, the man admitted to attacking the victim, but stated that it was self-defense. The civilian police said the confession was inconsistent with the evidence received, mainly that the victim was asleep at the beginning of the strikes.

In addition to his arrest for murder, the man has an extensive criminal record for theft, reception and robbery committed since 2012.

Following the testimony, the temporary detention was converted into preventive detention, which was granted on 3 February. The man was charged with double-qualified murder for a base cause and for failing to protect the victim.

Source: Ndmais


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