Behind farewell to Julio Salinas During the previous gala concert, La 1 TV channel broadcast a new part this Monday Bake Off: Celebrities in the Oven. As expected this week, the main character of this episode was love.

During technical tests, bakers tried to replicate the Valentine’s cake – an exquisite rose. saberquince, mousse cheese, white chocolate and ganache vanilla from the pastry chef and the prestigious jury Damian Betular.

But in this celebration of love there was also room for grief. And the culprit was Terelu Camposwho last week won the long-awaited green apron, becoming the best participant in the program.

In this new installment, Paula Vazquez asked Maria Teresa Campos’s eldest daughter to give her the love advice she would have given to her past self. The communicator admitted that over the years she realized that she threw herself into broke off relations with businessman Alejandro Rubiofather of her only daughter, influential person and fellow TV personality Alejandra Rubio:

“What a question. Paula, daughter! I feel that only once did I hasten to part ways and it was with my daughter’s father,” she replied. According to the woman from Malaga, the reason for the separation was that the relationship coincided with a “turbulent moment of work” in which she could not “have the necessary patience to move forward, to continue.”

This hasty separation also made him feel guilty over the years for the moments father and daughter did not enjoy together. “Me too I felt very guilty that I didn’t like my little girl. I broke up when she was 3 years old. “It’s hard work not only for the girl, but also for the father,” he said.

Despite everything, Terelu Campos rules out reconciliation “because things happen” and boasts of a good relationship with her ex-partner. “It’s good to have a good relationship. compensates for going too farespecially for my daughter,” he concluded.

The next test required participants to bake a cake “to match the love of their life.” In the case of Terelu Campos, she dedicated it to her daughter Alejandra Rubio and mother Maria Teresa Campos. Except, He admitted that he had platonic lovealthough no one from the program managed to find out his name.

The communicator’s emotions did not subside, since she was a candidate to leave the competition, like Yolanda Ramos and Alba Carrillo. Finally, Terelu Campos and Alba Carrillo were rescued, so it was Yolanda Ramos’ turn to say goodbye. “We have meaning super expensive, let’s do a trick or a piece of art”were his last words to the jury before leaving.