Plot twist exactly at midnight. After this Monday the News Council expressed regret over the “flattering tone” of Ines Hernán towards Pedro Sánchez in the special program “Goya” broadcast on the website of the public institution, the President of the Government himself came out in defense of the comedian and presenter through a tweet .

“Ines Hernan, you are an icon,” Sanchez wrote on her X profile at 10:48 p.m., accompanying a video compilation of moments in which Hernan called out several guests at the gala “ icons or iconic.

The president’s message comes after numerous criticisms Hernán has received since last Saturday regarding his broadcast style. This Monday, the News Council published a note in which it rejected, without mentioning, the “tone and content” of the program. “As much as we want to provide a casual, alternative tone and be aimed at a youth audience, we believe that any content carrying the RTVE brand must adhere to the standards of quality and neutrality included in the RTVE style book,” the statement said.

“In addition to other, more than debatable interventions throughout the broadcast (belching, complaints, curses without context…), it seems to us that a flattering tone addressed to the chairman of the government, no matter what the sign, has no place on radio and broadcasting. television, a public that belongs to everyone,” he concluded.

Since Saturday, there have been many voices asking RTVE to refuse Hernand’s services. Sanchez’s late-night intervention via social network At least as confirmation of the continuity of the presenter. A gesture that is sure to cause a queue.