Coque Malla was in charge of the opening week in El Hormiguero. The artist had a very turbulent start to the year due to an injury that forced him to perform some concerts while seated. “You will miss my usual and graceful dancing in the purest Nureyev style,” he joked on his Instagram.

On the Atresmedia set, the man from Madrid looked almost recovered and spent several minutes thanking the audience at his concerts, who never reproached him for suggesting sit-down performances. Koke Malla presented his latest album Even though we are deada rebellion against “things that end,” but “with energy and light,” as he explained.

Speaking about their music, Koke Malla recalled what it was like to start a solo career after five albums with songs like Goodbye Dad, I Want More, What We’re Going to Do and At Night, etc. Fame led them to tour around Spain, Chile and even Cuba… but the group broke up in 1998.

Malla said it took a lot of effort for all her followers to accept her independent career. Laughing, he recalled that he was trying to introduce his new musical style, more calm and introspective, when people shouted to him from the audience: “Sing!” Goodbye dad!”.

As happens with many singers who decide to change direction and want to gain recognition on a new stage, Koke Malla decided not to sing the songs of the cult group for several years.

To change that and enjoy the alternation between Los Ronaldos’ songs and himself as a singer-songwriter, Malla said it was important to give value to his own repertoire so that people would end up asking for it, as they did before with Los Ronaldos’ songs.

This process lasted from 7 to 8 years, and it was after the release of the album La Hora de los Gigantes that the artist returned to performing the group’s songs at his concerts.

The artist also just released his first film as the title character, Finding Coke. “They spend the entire film talking about my sex life, and they do it in high comedy scenarios, with a level of sophistication that makes me laugh at myself… I couldn’t say no,” he said of Teresa Bellon and Cesar’s debut. F. Calvillo as directors.