In parallel with interviews with journalists such as Carlos del Amor on the Goya 2024 pink carpet, RTVE counted on Ines Hernán for a more casual and comical coverage of the same on RTVE Play, its free platform. The one from Madrid, which usually uses public television to give its programs a fresher and youthful touch, managed 36,418 unique visitors by reach.

In addition, a special program from behind the scenes held Halder Vargas and Ines Hernan improved last year’s data (+3.5%) and became the most viewed in recent years with 36,275 unique visitors.

Beyond the numbers, several videos quickly went viral in which a young woman could be seen, for example, asking Pedro Sanchez about the last movie he watched and ending up asking him a direct question. Snow Societythe main winner of the evening.

“I didn’t like it, I liked it,” Sanchez responded as he walked away, and Inez addressed him as “presi.” In other videos, Hernan can be seen looking confused in front of some of the interviewees or saying he’s “out of his mind”.

It should be noted that the viral moments are moments from one of more than three hours full of guests. A video was also specially published, already in the program after the gala concert, in which Ines Hernan and Halder Vargas explained Matthias Recaltfrom Snow Society and one of the evening’s winners; the meaning of the expression “in the ass”.

TVE Libre platform demands termination of contract with Ines Hernan

Although at the time it was perceived as unimportant and it was clear that she was looking to have fun, over time the communicator’s attitude caused some harshness. it was sunday Free TVE platform who, in his usual insistent tone, demanded from the RTVE management “ immediate termination of the contract this enthusiastic Sanchista her name is Ines Hernan.” “In addition to being a comedian, she is also a paid reporter with public money on television from everyone, excuse me, the left and their partners,” he added.

Following this line, this Monday the TVE News Council took place, which is defined as “internal deontological organ consists of 13 grassroots TVET professionals, democratically elected every 2 years,” an organization that rejected Ines Hernan’s position on the pink carpet.

In a statement in which the company avoids naming the creator of the social media content, the platform wrote: “While it wants to provide a casual, alternative tone and is aimed at a youth audience, we believe that any content that carries the RTVE brand should comply with the standards of quality and neutrality included in the RTVE style book and within the framework of the Information Law,” it begins.

The text also cites what it considers to be “more than discursive interventions” throughout the broadcast, for example: “burp, complain, swear without context,” although the most disgusting thing is “a flattering tone addressed to the chairman of the government, no matter what the sign.”

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Noting that such attitudes “should have no place on public radio and television,” he concludes by declaring that the Council “will ask those responsible for RTVE Play for an explanation and she will give an account of them later.” For her part, the communicator did not comment on the situation, although she shared a video with some of the most comical moments in which she starred as a reporter.