Paz Padilla made several contradictory statements during the conversation, e.g. trainer in Marbella. During an appearance at a famous hotel in the coastal city, the presenter criticized the appearance Carmen Lomana. His appeals to the television employee were surprising not only for their harshness, but also for the fact that there seemed to be no reason for this. His idea was to use as an example fear of agingbut it was considered an unjustified attack.

“I met her on AVE and It is so stretched that it cannot be stretched further.. She has stretched out her face so much that she has to shave right now,” Paz Padilla said in her speech. “These blondes who put everything on their lips and look like sausages… You have to be able to age,” she added. .

Paz Padilla attends the opening of the exclusive restaurant Rhudo.
Paz Padilla attends the opening of the exclusive restaurant Rhudo. José Ramon Hernando/Europa Press

Some of the comments were especially criticized because Paz Padilla herself also underwent aesthetic procedures. His daughter Anna Ferrer Padilla, for example, had a nose job. and he talked about it on social media, so it’s no secret.

Moreover, he also had words for Isabel Preysler. Paz Padilla mentioned the ex-wife of Julio Iglesias, criticizing her for having children with several men. A comment that was also heavily criticized for being considered unnecessary and even sexist.

“When Isabel scolds one of her children, she tells them: I’m going to tell your father. And then she turns to the other kids and tells them: yours, yours, yours too,” he joked.

Carmen Lomana answers

Considering these statements published by the magazine A week, – answered Carmen Lomana. “It’s incredible that Paz said that about whether or not I should have surgery.. He should have respected me more because he asked me for two favors when I was a nobody and I did them for him,” commented socialite.

Carmen Lomana in an archival photo.
Carmen Lomana in an archival photo. EUROPE PRESS

“It’s incredible how evil some people are and lack of education they demonstrate“Added Carmen, upset by what happened. However, the television employee chose to remain silent on social networks and not give additional information to this story.

However, Carmen has already received criticism of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada this was the case in the past. “The only thing I want in my life is for us to no longer talk, neither she about me, nor I about her, and not talk nonsense. ‘Cause all the bullshit she says then They come to ask me what I think“And I’m in the media and I’m like, what am I going to say? How wonderful, how good, hey, phrase of the year. No.