There are only a few hours left until the key date when television networks and, in particular, Digital terrestrial televisionDTT, change forever.

He Disabling DTT It was a matter of time and it would arrive with a date limit The 14th of Februaryat this time the channels of the main free private networks, Atresmedia and Mediaset will stop broadcasting in standard SD quality. Many people are still wondering how they can retune DTT channels on TV after turning off SD, and here we explain it.

Standard resolution for DTT will become the past and we will turn to emissions in HD quality in all the content we can see on television. This will begin in the second half of the month. Februarywhere HD will become the standard, although many modern TVs also see it broadcast in Full HDwhich corresponds to the visualization in 1920 x 1080 pixelsas well as even higher resolutions.

He HD or high definition on television responds to resolution in 1280 x 720 pixelswhich, it seems logical, results in a better TV viewing experience than what we got from now-outdated S.D.standard quality content from February 14, 2024 ends in all contexts DTT in Spain, with a global blackout.

How to reconfigure DTT after a power outage

Let’s finish with the content SD TV and in many cases it will be necessary to retune the channels to exclude the place where those broadcast in S.D. and that they will no longer be able to continue doing this after Disabling DTT.

There are different ways to do this depending on what TV you have in your home, but the steps follow a pattern and we present them below, although it is recommended that you follow each TV’s specific instruction manual when installing. reconfigure DTT channels.

Setting up channels on a Samsung TV

Next steps to perform the migration samsung tv after a power outage DTT regarding channels in SD or standard quality.

  • Press the Home button on your remote control and go to the Smart Hub home page.
  • Once you reach the screen, left-click on the menu under the Settings tab.
  • In Broadcast, click Automatic Sync.
  • Antenna type: Antenna (valid for DTT)
  • Channel type: digital and analog
  • To automatically search for channels, select Search and then click Close when you’re done.

Set up channels on Android TV

In the case of TVs Android TVwhich are increasingly used (Sony, Philips or TD Systems) on the market TVsThe next steps are as follows:

  • You must press the Home button on your remote control to start searching.
  • We will enter the Settings section of Android TV and then the Channel Configuration to enter the Digital Configuration and from there we will select the Digital Setup option.
  • If we want to select the largest number of channels when setting up DTT on Android TV, we will have to click on “Frequency Range”, “Automatic Setup” and select the “Finish” option.
  • Automatic tuning to start searching for channels after DTT is turned off and the channels need to be retuned.

Channels that start broadcasting in HD over DTT

  • FDF
  • Divinity
  • Energy
  • Boeing
  • Neox
  • Not going to
  • Mega
  • Have
  • Thirteen
  • Goal
  • DMAX
  • Disney Channel
  • Paramount Network