A few days before the book’s release Britney SpearsThe media and public have already sorted out the most controversial details of his story. From her abortion while dating Justin Timberlake to her legal guardianship, the whole world wanted to know more about the singer now that she was supposedly free to speak. However, after reading the story, doubts continue to arise. That’s why we spoke to several psychologists to learn more about the pop princess and dive into her story.

Some even question whether Britney is a reliable narrator. Kevin Federline’s ex even questioned the time that the translator toxic he says in his book. Although the singer says she didn’t know her ex-partner I’m expecting a child from another womanbut that other girl assured that it was a lie.

Britney Spears at different periods of her life
Britney Spears at different periods of her life.

His childhood and passions

Many readers criticized the book for focusing too much on the former. Britney’s childhood and youth without going into details. They talk, for example, about their first kiss with Justin Timberlake, but it is not explained how they started dating. However, some important details remain unnoticed.

“When my father started drinking a lot again“Now I see even more clearly that she was self-medicating after years of abuse at the hands of her father June,” she adds soon after.

When my father started drinking heavily again, things went south for him. The stress of not having enough money was compounded by the chaos that accompanied my father’s mood swings. I was especially scared to ride in the car with him because he would talk to himself while driving. I didn’t understand what he said. It was as if he was in his own world.

Britney Spears in the movie “I Am Woman”

Psychologists of the Decide psychological center Help us understand how this life experience might have made a difference: “The fact that you saw your father deal with difficult situations with self-destructive behavior (such as drinking too much) may so she knows this is the right way to deal with it and tend to repeat this type of behavior.

In fact, Britney later talks about the kind of woman I am, how she consumed Adderall, an ADHD medication that contains amphetamine.without giving it much importance. Likewise, she admits that every time she was admitted to rehab, it was because she was taking energy products with or without a prescription.

“Hard and cold” father

Her father, Jamie Spears, is one of the villains in the book. Britney directly blames him for her suffering, mentioning not only the legal system he created to control your money and careerbut also his manner of addressing her.

She says he called her fat and forced her to go on diets, but also controlled how she moved her hair and dressed. And all this in the last period of his career, after he was absent (according to her) during the early years of her success.

“My father was adamant, cold and cruel to me, but he was even tougher to my brother,” says Britney Spears. A message that especially attracts the attention of psychologists Lucia and Miriam.

“When as a child, the people who are supposed to care for, love and protect you do not fulfill this role properly (for example, because they punish behavior erratically, because they are overly critical or cold, because they never recognize the positive behavior of other people). child…) a child may grow up thinking that “they are never good enough””, psychologists explain to us.

As the saying goes, the child in question will feel that “he must behave in a certain way in order to ‘earn’ the love or affection of others.” “In general, what they think about themselves and how they feel overdependence on others”add Lucia Ortiz and Miriam Perello.

The saddest thing for me was that I always wished that I had a father who would love me for who I am; Someone who will tell me: “I love you. Right now you can do anything. I will continue to love you with unconditional love.” My father was adamant, cold and cruel with me, but with my brother he was even crueler.

Britney Spears in the movie “I Am Woman”

His physique causes him constant concern.

In addition to family problems and addictions, another of the most frequently repeated topics is weight. Britney Spears mentions her perception of her weight over and over again in the book., talks about how she lost a lot of weight after having two children. Or that she gained a lot of weight when her father locked her in the house. Or what everyone commented on his physique as “tacky”. after her performance in 2007, which was supposed to be her great return to the stage after becoming a mother and shaving her head.

Months ago your comments about other artists’ weight or fitness This was also commented on a lot. It’s through her comments about how her family and team managed her appearance that we understand why it’s so important to her. Britney says she was never skinny enough for her dad.

And if we add to this the social pressure of that time, the result will again be the same: a family for which it seems that nothing is enough, the resulting demands on oneself, persecution from the media and fashion for extreme thinness from the 2000s. A very dangerous cocktail.

Fear is “being bad”

Britney repeats over and over again his fear of being a bad person. “As a child, I always felt guilty, I carried a lot of shame, I had the feeling that my family considered me just bad,” she admits in an interview. The woman that I am. A feeling that, as experts explain to us, has depends largely on the type of attachment she developed as a child. “In the first stage of life (up to age 20 or so), we learn what the world is and how we will behave in it,” they comment.

“If we had not had stable connections in childhoodwe didn’t feel cared for and safe and felt like we were never good enough (good enough, “obedient” enough, pretty enough, thin enough, quiet enough, smiling enough…), We often think that there is something “wrong” with us.. And as we grow up, we continue to think that when bad things happen to us, it’s because we are not enough, we are bad people,” add psychologists at the Solution Center.

As a child, I always felt guilty, I carried a lot of shame, I had the feeling that my family considered me just bad. In some ways, I felt that my sadness and loneliness were my fault, that I deserved to be miserable and unsuccessful. I knew that our relationship was actually nothing like what was portrayed in the media, but I still thought that if I was suffering, it must be because I deserved it.

Britney Spears in the movie “I Am Woman”

Broken heart

Britney Spears talks in several chapters about How his breakup with Justin Timberlake left an impression on him like no other. Not only because the singer left her via text message after cheating, but also because of how she saw herself reflected in the media and public opinion. After you were sexualized since childhood because of her appearancehis reaction was appreciated, and the NSYNC singer’s remarks were used to taken out of context It happened. All this without being able to defend herself and not knowing how to tell her version of events, while photographers continued to pursue her.

The singer expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that she could not expressing one’s sexuality, defending oneself, or coping with pain otherwise. She says that while she was being attacked, Justin Timberlake remained unemotional and continued to excel in his solo career. Admit it He never received an apology for this behavior.despite the fact that both artists felt true love for each other.

She also talks about suffering after her breakup with Kevin Federline. She admits she wanted to save her marriage, but that the father of her two children allowed himself to be carried away by fame. In addition, he emphasizes the circumstances: he was pregnant with two children for two years in a rowSean Preston and Jayden James.

Britney Spears with two children
Britney Spears with two children.- @Britney Spears

“Fine, I was young and made a lot of mistakes. But I will say something: she was not a manipulator. She was just stupid, that’s all. This is what Justin and Kevin took from me. I used to trust people. However, after breaking up with Justin and divorcing Kevin”I’ve never felt more confident,” Britney admits.

Postpartum depression

According to some modern historians, Juana de Castilla, also known as Juana la Loca, suffered from postpartum depression. In the same way, The whole world described Britney Spears as crazy.. She admits that she later learned that she suffered from severe postpartum depression, that she did not want anyone to stay with her children, and that she did not leave the house to care for them.

A situation that has worsened since harassment by photographers and with the legal process of their divorce and child custody. Especially when Britney Spears’ parents ‘set her up’, in his opinion, to begin to control his money. The singer was declared incompetent a few weeks after the episode in which he shaved his head in front of the cameras. A moment that she said was fueled by her need to regain some control over her life.

“Everyone thought it was funny. “Look how crazy she is!” – Britney recalls. “Shaving down to nothing was a way of telling the world: fuck you.. Do you want her to be beautiful for you? Damn it. Do you want to feel good? Damn it. Do you want her to become the girl of your dreams? “Fuck you,” he adds.