According to analysis by Iberinform, 44% of Spanish film distribution companies less than ten years old are at high risk of non-payment, up six percentage points from a year ago.

Insight View 2023 analysis shows that 27% of all exhibition companies are located in high or maximum default ratewhich represents a one percentage point improvement over 2022.

The worst financial performance is recorded among companies founded in the last decade (44% at risk of default), while for firms aged 10 to 25 years the figure is 22% (an improvement of four points) and falls to 19% among firms founded in last decade. persons over 25 years of age (improvement by five points).

Taking into account territories whose weight is at least 3% of the industry, the share of companies with a high risk of non-payment is higher than the average for Madrid (45%), Barcelona (32%), Seville (30%) and Guipuzcoa (29%).

The best rates are recorded in Girona (4%), followed by Murcia (7%), Pontevedra (17%), Valencia (18%) and Alicante (27%).

Although viewership grew by double digits last year, there is still 40% below pre-pandemic levelsAccording to industry sources.

The pandemic has not only created new audiovisual consumption habits, but also changed the structure of the exhibition window – the time that passes from the moment a film is released in cinemas to the time it is shown on other channels.

Iberinform data shows that the sector strengthened your financial potential increasing the debt ratio by more than eight percentage points, to 52%. However, over the past year, the share of short-term debt in total debt has increased, indicating a deterioration in its quality.

A cumulative analysis of official reports submitted by exhibiting companies shows that the concentration of this sector is higher than other economic activities. The presence of large and medium-sized companies accounts for 8% of the sector, and only 53% of the business structure are micro-businesses.

Iberinform is a subsidiary of Crédito y Caución, a global credit insurance operator with a direct presence in more than 50 countries. Insight View data is generated based on available official financial information of companies registered in film exhibition activities.