Mediaset is adjusting its programs in the afternoon on its flagship network Telecinco. For this reason, viewers who tuned in this Monday at 19:00 did not encounter a mythical competition. 25 words submitted by Christian Galvez. Her place was taken by Ana Rosa Quintana, who returned in the afternoon with her new program. AfternoonAR.

Program 25 words It was a replacement for the mythical Passwordwhen it passed into the hands of Antena 3 in 2019, where it continues to air despite the legal problems the program has faced over alleged intellectual property reasons.

A restructuring of Telecinco has been hinted at online in recent weeks, but took his followers by surprise. Mostly because the program was in the middle of recording. For this reason, many viewers will ask themselves the same question: What about 25 words?

Mediaset has already announced its intention to change the wording of its afternoon classes during Festival of Vitoria with the premiere of a new magazine with Ana Rosa. In addition, he is exploring the option of saving That’s life with Sandra Barneda and Cesar Muñoz after dinner. So many fans They already suspected that extradition 25 words may be affected.

A few days later Mediaset stopped recording 25 words waiting to determine its future. Finally, after nine months on air, the network decided to suspend the famous competition. A decision that surprised many viewers, since in previous months the channel had been betting on keeping Galvez and Cancel Chain reaction Ion Aramendi.

Alex walks away with 47,000 euros

So, the competition presented by Christian Galvez was removed from the grill since last Friday. Meanwhile, viewers were left without the opportunity to see if Alex manages to win the €1,043,000 jackpot. Being the oldest participant in the program, the participant finally retires with 47,000 euros accumulated.

“Thank you very much to all of you. We’re leaving, see you at home, in Mediaset”, Christian Galvez announced the closure of the last broadcast 25 words. In his farewell words, the presenter wished thanks to all the viewers for their love who watched and supported the program.

So for now, viewers will have to settle for Ana Rosa in the afternoon. However, at the premiere the TV presenter did not live up to expectations. AfternoonAR and achieved an imperceptible result. Despite the improvement in audience data compared to last Monday, it was on the verge of standing out with 11.3% and 905,000 viewers.

Changes at Telecinco have been constant in recent months, from the cancellation of Sálvame to new Ana Rosa formats. This creates situations in which viewers, for example, wonder: What’s happened 25 wordsnot finding him at the usual time.

Meanwhile, Telecinco is betting on the eighth episode of the Big Brother VIP series, which returned to the small screen last Thursday. Premiere in a few hours attracted the attention of many viewers thanks to some very exciting new cast members for the new season, like Laura Bozzo.