This Tuesday, the Satellite Pavilion of the Casa de Campo became the headquarters of opportunities, but also disappointments for, according to estimates Noemi Galeraabout 3500 artists –amateurs or professionals who apply to participate Operation Triunfo 2023.

The competition returns after a three-year break and for the first time on Prime Video, having been broadcast on linear television since its inception in 2001, passing through La 1 on RTVE and Telecinco. It is informing people that the competition can be seen on Prime Video that is the publication’s biggest task for Noemi.

“It is very strong, many of those who come now were not even born when we started. This is a very prepared generation, and in castings we see it too the most international. There are a lot of people from Latin America there, perhaps because you can see them there from Prime,” the Catalan mused before the start of the afternoon auditions, which, given the long line of applicants, could last until 8:30 p.m.

Dozens of people queue for the casting of the new edition of Operación Triunfo at the Casa de Campo on September 19, 2023 in Madrid (Spain). Marta Fernandez / Europa Press

In fact, Noemi hoped that, due to the geographical location of the capital, this particular Tuesday would become the most massive call of all the castings, the throne that still belonged to Valencia.

Rihanna’s “Stay” was among the most popular songs to participate in “OT”

At the same time, candidates mostly around 20 yearsthey were visibly nervous in the long line, waiting to take advantage of the few seconds they would have during the day to show off their musical abilities through song.

It is interesting that, as Noemi noted, the themes they choose depend on the region from which they come: “in Andalusia they mainly write Antonio Orozco and Pablo Alborana”, and in the north “The universe is above me Amarala and You can count on me from “Van Gogh’s Ear” – the most selected ones.”.

Regardless of location, two themes that are repeated ad nauseum: stay from Rihanna and The one you loved Lewis Capaldi. And to win Noemi over, she makes it clear: they should sing her something from Los Pecos. One of the first singers to stand trial in Casting exciting event – and first qualifying for the second stage of the day – was Pablo Campillo.

Pablo Campillo receives his first “yes” from Noemi Galera at the casting in Madrid. Europe Press

But this was not the first time he had been subjected to Casting. “This is my fourth attempt to enter Operation Triumph, I’ve been here since 02:00 at night, it was clear to me that I wanted to go in first to get this off my back. Right now, what I want most is sleep,” he said excitedly as soon as he was released from the team. reality.

Is the fourth time the charm?

This marketing and communications graduate is clear that he wants to be the “best” at what he does, so he boasts about his technical background as well as his taking up dance classes. If you finally enter the program, write in the comments that The genre of music most foreign to your comfort zone is “rock.”and his favorite styles are pop and flamenco, although most of all he wants to present his own songs to the public.

For him, participating in the program would mean achieving something he had “sacrificed” his whole life for, and a great opportunity to “make a living from music” and learn from it. “some terrible teachers”.

But Pablo’s story was in the minority in the selection trials. Most hear a short “no, thank you,” which is almost always accepted with humility, a calm smile, and intention to repeat when a new opportunity presents itself.

At a mass casting in Madrid, four artists sang in front of professionals. Europe Press

This is the case Marina, who also had a Prime Pass, something that made him feel “special”. Despite everything, he positively evaluates the experience and notes that he was able to gather with his teammates with a long-awaited pass.

There are also cases when those who come to companies, e.g. Ines Vidal, Salamanca settled in Madrid, who dared to use Rosalia’s version I’m standing with you and that he went with his friend Jay Muller from Madrid, with whom he does musical theater.

This was the first Casting for television, Ines, who works as an engineer; while Jay gives concerts and works in an orchestra. Based on his experience, he recommends learning “swallow no”to enjoy this type of tests and work on the next ones.

Amazing traveling museum of “triumphs”

“I prepared several songs of different styles and could only perform one of them, so I still have a thorn in my side that I didn’t show myself more. But it was fun, I loved the experience and would do it again,” Ines concludes with a smile.

In Casa de Campo, in addition to casting, the Gestmusic team installed Bus FROM., an amazing traveling exhibition for the biggest fans of the format. But what can we find there if we visit it from 10:00 to 14:00?

On the bus the objects are as crazy as “a copy of Saint James and a glass of Aitana’s milk”panel featuring images of some of the publications’ most iconic moments, such as toxic Alba Rece and Natalia Lakunza or two people and one destinyAlex Casademont and David Bustamante.

You can also see a T-shirt there OT 1 with the face of David Bisbal and the badges of all participants in the groundbreaking issue; That notes Europe lives on holiday, “a headband like Manuel Carrasco” or glasses like those worn by Risto Mejide, who joined the jury in 2008 and became the publication’s greatest debater. This Wednesday, those selected in the first stage will face the second stage of the competition. Casting.

If at the first stage the novice participants sing a cappella for at least 20 seconds during the second phase, which happens behind closed doorsCandidates will be required to prepare 3 songs with the option of accompanying instruments that do not require amplification or musical fundamentals, which they will carry with them on a USB drive. In both stages, the first song must be selected from a playlist of 50 songs available on Amazon Music.

In the absence of information about the release date talent, third and final stage Casting It will be held in Barcelona, ​​candidates will be selected from nine cities, and there the 18 participants who will take part in Gala 0 will be selected to enter the Academy.