A return was expected Ana Rosa Quintana will not leave anyone indifferent that the audience Telechinko in the afternoon it will increase like foam, but, to everyone’s surprise, the premiere AfternoonAR, achieved an imperceptible result. Despite the improvement in audience figures compared to the previous Monday – when his new program had not yet aired – there was an increase of 2.6 points, reaching 11.3% and 905,000 viewerswas on the verge of standing out and shining in front of the competition.

Although, according to the consulting company Dos30′, the new Unicorn Content format managed to improve the slot’s position by 22.8%, with a commercial indicator of 13.3%.

Promiseseries Bambú Producciones, which they decided to broadcast this week 1 This was doubly well received by the audience. There were more than a million of them (1,165,000) those who were glued to the screen to watch the first chapter. The second one retained the audience with 13.6% and 1,142,000 viewers.

In its turn, Sonsoles Onega The audience has decreased slightly compared to the previous week and lost 1.6 points and 150,000 subscribers. It rose from 12.7% with 986,000 viewers to 11.1% with 828,000 viewers.

On Antenna 3, Sonsoles Ónega’s share rose from 12.7% (986,000) the previous week to 11.1% (828,000) yesterday., so he noticed new competition. And now Sonsoles gives 1.6 points and more than 150,000 subscribers.

Anthill remains the leader of “prime time”

As it happened, Anthill He was the leader of Monday’s prime time with a visit from Carmen Machi and Carra Elejalde. Antenna 3 achieved his stellar program 16.6% And 1,167,000 viewers.

Turkish series Brothers and sisters It also gained popularity among viewers with 15.9% and 1,271,000 subscribers.

Conqueror still doesn’t quite fit into the grid 1. The audience for the third part fell even further and reached 10.2%, losing 366,000 subscribers, which is the lowest figure since the premiere.

First dates V Four It reached 1,088,000 viewers (8.4%). In its turn, I fly it received 6.1% (544,000), up about 40,000 from last week.