Russell Brand’s image has never been good, but after years of quiet and relative privacy, his reputation plummeted like never before. Actor Rock era known in Spain and abroad as primarily Katy Perry’s ex-husband. Not only because it was the singer’s first (and so far only wedding), but also because their separation was visible in the documentary that the artist published shortly after.

But Russell Brand’s name has returned to the fore. This weekend he posted a video defending himself against “criminal and very serious” charges who has not yet left, trying to get ahead of the huge crisis looming over him. During a joint investigation by several British media outlets, several women spoke out report her dark episodes with him. From inappropriate comments or touching, sexual and psychological abuse or, directly, rape.

Katy Perry at the Windsor Concert for the Coronation of Charles III
Katy Perry at the Windsor Concert for the Coronation of Charles III

Joint investigation to expose him

The first information was published in the magazine Sunday Times: “Nadia,” an anonymous woman whose real name has not been revealed, claims she was raped by the comedian at his Los Angeles home in 2012. Victim I was 30 years old then.and after meeting Russell Brand at a party, they dated occasionally.

However, on the second date at his house actor Forget Sarah Marshall He raped her without a condom against the wall while she asked him to “come out”. “Nadia” cited messages exchanged between them subsequently, in which Russell Brand He apologizes, saying it was “crazy” and “selfish.”. “I hope you can forgive me, I know you are a wonderful person,” he added.

And the conversation continued: the victim asked him if he needed to get tested (for STDs)and told him that he was very scared. Russell Brand responded that she did not need to be tested and promised to make amends, saying he was embarrassed by her behavior. “After this conversation “Nadya” went to a center for rape victims on the same day and received psychological help for five months.

This is just the first of the stories they found. Channel 4, Sunday Times And Times in a joint investigation.

Russell Brand pictured on September 16 in London.
Russell Brand pictured on September 16 in London.

One of the victims was a minor

The British public channel (where Russell Brand once worked) premiered over the weekend new episode of the show Departuresdocumentary series Research team.

In this program, the second woman speaks, who was called “Alice”, who assures that Russell Brand abused her when he was 31 and she was 16., while still in high school. He called her “girl” throughout their relationship, which was emotionally abusive and controlling and lasted about three months.

“Alice” was shopping on Oxford Street in central London when Russell Brand approached her and began rummaging through her bag. He then pulled out a dress and asked if she would wear it on a date with him. It was towards the end of their relationship when the comedian he forced her to give a blowjob, choked her, although she tried to push him away. In 2020, the victim contacted the comedian’s literary agent, Angharad Wood, co-founder of Tavistock Wood, to tell her what had happened. However, this did not in any way affect his position or his reputation.

Russell Brand has been accused by half a dozen women in a series of investigations at Channel 4, the channel where he himself worked.
Russell Brand has been accused by half a dozen women in a series of investigations at Channel 4, the channel where he himself worked.

From emotional abuse to physical and sexual abuse

The third victim, who calls herself “Phoebe” in the documentary, met the comedian at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Los Angeles. Soon after, they began working together and had a consensual relationship that ended abruptly. Russell Brand locked her in the room and threw her on the bed.forcing her and starting to remove her clothes while she asked him to stop.

Suddenly Russell Brand changed his attitude and left. He fired “Phoebe” from her job, threatened her with legal action if she told anyone, and returned to live in the UK. Another woman, whom the author called “Rachel”. Timesaid that when he was 24 years old and working on a television show hosted by Russell Brand, the comedian suddenly showed him his penis. She says the actor “offered” her to give him a blow job, to which she was shocked but turned him down.

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However, Brand invited her to his apartmentwhere they had a consensual relationship that they kept secret because the comedian I was banned from sexual contact with everyone who worked on the program. However, everyone knew this and the producers sent her to deliver the bad news to avoid any serious anger. Now, in terms of age, “Rachel” believes that she was manipulated into having such a relationship with the translator Death on the Nile.

Several witnesses, former colleagues in the program, claim that The producers and assistants acted as Russell Brand’s “whores.”. The comedian would pick girls from the audience to give them his cell phone or tell them what hotel he was staying at so they could come. But the next day some girls called on the phone and cried and I tell you my experience.

Twenty years ago he was considered a “vile predator.”

Some former colleagues and industry insiders have already singled out Russell Brand for his rude behavior. “vile predator” as Dannii Minogue said, sister of Kylie Minogue, in an interview twenty years ago. “He doesn’t take no for an answer,” the Australian singer said. Mirror in a 2006 interview. “I don’t think he’s recovered from his sex addiction,” he added.

His ex-wife Katy Perry, to whom he was married from 2010 to 2012, has not yet commented on the situation. The couple remained married for just over a year. and the singer expressed her pain over the breakup in her documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me. The comedian filed for divorce and informed his ex-wife via SMS minutes before going on stage.

Theoretically, this happened because she was away for a long time, and also because Brand wanted to have children, but the singer was not ready. In an interview ten years ago Fashion, Katie said she felt very guilty about the breakup in the first place.

Katy Perry's fans asked her to comment on the allegations.
Katy Perry’s fans asked her to comment on the allegations.

“Until I find out what really happened, I will keep it in my safe until I need it,” he explained. Now all eyes are directed at the translator California girlsand this is evident from the comments on his latest Instagram post.

The police and production companies with which Russell Brand was associated have issued a public appeal to all those who women who were victims of the actor speak out. “No matter how long ago it happened,” even the British authorities note.