After ten years of relationship and two children together, Jota Peleteiro announced his break with Jessica Bueno Through a brief statement in which he stated that “After a period of reflection and two months of physical separation, and in order to avoid misunderstandings, we wish to state that we have decided to formalize our divorce amicably. We are left with the good times we have lived, wishing to keep a good relationship with the happiness and well being of our children being our priority. Now former footballer He proposed to his current girlfriend.young woman from Ibiza named Miriam Cruzwith whom he will already be living in Bilbao.

The relationship has grown by leaps and bounds in recent months, with both happily talking about the announcement of their marriage in a story posted on their respective social media.

Miriam Gurutze with engagement ring
Miriam Gurutze with engagement ring

It soon became clear that the reason for their breakup would be cheating ex-football player with a young Ibiza named Miriam Cruz, with whom he had already lived in Bilbao. A relationship that has grown rapidly in recent months; So much so that Peleteiro asked his girlfriend to marry him, which both happily shared in a story shared on their respective social media.

“I said yes” – a candid phrase with which the Galician’s girlfriend accompanied the image in which she poses in delight with her engagement ring, a white gold gem with a diamond solitaire, with which Jota would ask her to become his wife. just six months after announcing his split from Jessica Bueno.

The commitment, which the couple screamed from the four winds and which came a few weeks after Peleteiro put his relationship with the Seville model on hold by listing the family villa in Vizcaya for 3 million euros, which Jessica abandoned after the break.