The most stocked villas in the Dominican Republic reopened their doors this Monday at Telecinco. On delivery, despite the fact that this is the second edition of this edition island of temptationsit became clear that when they sold it as “one of the strongest to date” they spoke for good reason.

So much so that it took two bride and groom only two chapters to fall into temptation: David and Alex, partners of Elena and Marina, respectively. The first to commit adultery was Alex, who kissed the unmarried Yaiza while they were both curled up in a sun lounger.

This happened, judging by what the program showed, shortly after the young man saw on the fire, with discomfort, the rapprochement between nautical and her favorite tempter, Manuel, the answer that the woman of Madrid knew how to foresee.

David gets tempted with Maria in Temptation Island 6

Cheating raised a pink alarm at the girls’ villa, but none of them, well, they were already sleepgot up fast enough to know the color.

However, this was far from the only time the alarm went off during the program. In fact, it later flared up for a more serious reason: David intercourse with Maria Malaga Barbie.

The scene was seen from the very beginning of the program: as soon as the unmarried women introduced themselves, Elena (David’s girlfriend) said that they both knew each other by social mediabecause for a while they followed each other on Instagram, although Maria eventually stopped following him.

Already in coexistence both showed attraction that they felt for each other, hiding very little, and the young woman made him understand many times how important sex and the desire to sleep with him were for her.

It was not long in coming: in this last chapter, the temperature rose, they both kissed in bed and shortly after fold despite some more than subtle attempts by David to stop the situation.

The preview of the next issue showed Elena’s long-suffering reaction to these images, and the most observant did not escape the fact that the “double of Maria Pombo”, as Elena is called, wears the same dress on the night of the bonfires as in the most commented scene in the preview of the issue: fainting, so everything points to a disturbing scene next Monday.