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Progress in Open Source AI and Hybrid Cloud Adoption


Open source and hybrid cloud technologies drive adoption of artificial intelligence – Photo: Disclosure

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic. With the introduction of ChatGPT last year opening the door to a range of AI solutions and expanding its popularity, the technology has become a focal point for companies seeking innovation, productivity and efficiency. Although it has recently come to light, the solution is not as new as it seems. From the first calculators and computers to today’s major applications, AI has made it possible to find quick and effective answers, helping solve problems in various sectors.

“The main emerging area of ​​AI today is generative artificial intelligence, which is capable of generating information based on patterns and structures identified from its training data. The application of this technology has a direct impact on all industry segments. Banking, high-tech and, mainly, the humanities are among those who are likely to see the greatest impact,” explains Gilson Magalhães, president of Red Hat Brazil and regional manager of enterprise sales for Red Hat Latin America.

Gilson Magalhães, President, Red Hat Brazil and Regional Manager, Enterprise Sales, Red Hat Latin America - Photo: DisclosureGilson Magalhães, President, Red Hat Brazil and Regional Manager, Enterprise Sales, Red Hat Latin America – Photo: Disclosure

A recent study from the World Economic Forum shows that the impact of generative artificial intelligence on productivity could add trillions of dollars in value to the global economy: equivalent to between US$2.6 and US$4.4 trillion per year. The technology in question can solve specific business problems, including supporting customer interactions, creating creative content for marketing and sales, and writing computer code based on natural language cues. As such, Goldman Sachs predicts that this could boost global GDP to an average growth rate of 7% over the next decade.

Open Source: Expanding the Potential of AI

A driving force behind new technologies, open source will be one of the main drivers of artificial intelligence development in the coming years, allowing its adoption to accelerate and become more accessible. Key to this is the collaborative nature of open source, which allows hundreds of developers to work together to create, adapt and implement cutting-edge AI solutions.

A recent survey conducted by Red Hat, a global leader in providing enterprise open source solutions, in conjunction with Gartner found that collaboration is fundamental to the success of artificial intelligence, according to 97% of respondents. The vast majority of executives surveyed (86%) say they have started using AI to improve product or service quality (78%) and employee productivity (68%). To achieve these goals, the top initiatives they are pursuing using AI are predictive analytics (72%), fraud detection (62%) and digital security (48%).

Artificial Intelligence in the Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is the most common infrastructure that powers artificial intelligence. About two-thirds of executives (66%) say they are deploying AI projects across their organizations via hybrid cloud. “We produce endless bytes of data every day, most of which is processed in the cloud. It is important to rely on artificial intelligence to analyze this information. This powerful combination takes teams away from methodical work and allows for much more strategic action focused on business growth,” says Magalhães.

In Brazil, the partnership between cloud and artificial intelligence appears to be advanced. According to a study by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), hybrid cloud has become a mainstream option for large companies, with 97% of organizations running on more than one cloud. A recent IDC report notes that this is the country in Latin America that uses artificial intelligence the most. Nationally, 63% of companies use applications based on this technology, compared to the regional average of 47%.

Focused on driving the growth of artificial intelligence in the market, Red Hat is working on various solutions that will enable companies to leverage their hybrid clouds to accelerate AI adoption and adoption. “We recognize that we are living in the age of artificial intelligence, which is why we offer our open hybrid cloud platform of containers, Kubernetes and DevOps, as well as a broad ecosystem of technology partners that will help build a strong foundation for AI readiness. environments for production, as well as cloud services with artificial intelligence and training for rapid implementation,” says the executive.

Red Hat is also implementing artificial intelligence on its platforms. The company recently announced the launch of Ansible Lightspeed with IBM Watson Code Assistant, a new generative AI service for Ansible automation. “We want to help scale AI across a wide range of infrastructure platforms all the way to the edge. To do this, we will provide customers with AI-enabled platforms to build, deliver and manage their own AI applications and services, just like we offer hybrid cloud today,” he concludes.

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