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Grupo ND innovates in Empreende Brazil with mobile media and marketing studio


ABOUT ND group will innovate with its participation in the EBC (Empreende Brazil Conference), the largest entrepreneurial immersion in Latin America, with media and marketing center Mídia Market.

The space will have a mobile studio to record Mídia MarketPodcast episodes with event speakers, as well as content production with attendees and speakers for social media.

Grupo ND will have a media and marketing studio in Empreende Brazil – Photo: Disclosure/ND

Mídia Market is a media and marketing center designed to inform, inspire and engage advertisers and advertising agencies in Santa Catarina. With it, you can check dense and varied content about media and marketing, as well as a 360-degree media plan.

This year’s event at Hard Rock Live Florianópolis will bring together over 6,000 people for 12 hours of non-stop 360º programming. Entrepreneurs will be asked to develop an action plan, a tangible strategy that transforms immersive learning into actions to improve their business or operations.

Since Mídia Market is associated with the best professionals on the market, your main market as Digital Media coordinator Luiza Telexa emphasized, actively participates in this event.

“Participation in the EBC representing ND Group through the Media Market is very rewarding. Mainly because the hub was created to help businessmen and entrepreneurs use business through the media. For this, there is nothing better than to be present at such an event.”

Discover the Media Market podcast

The Mídia Market podcast is a weekly conversation with companies and advertising agencies about the impact of media transformation on marketing strategies.

Topics already covered include: health marketing strategies, retail marketing, content marketing, educational marketing, SEO, the future of consumption and agencies.

Among the names are such professionals as: Vitor Pesaña, founder of Rock Content, Rafael Kiso, founder of MLabs, Claudia Janhar from VillaRomana Shopping, Spyros Diamantaras from Sebrae-SC and Rafael Dantas from Lojas Koerich.

Access to media.market.

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