Spain’s victory at the Women’s World Cup was overshadowedRubiales case’, to whom Fatma Samurageneral secretary FIFAdescribed as “the biggest misfortune in the world of football” However, the tournament was not without controversy.

Without going further, Bruce MwapeZambia coach was investigated for touching the chest of a player belonging to his team two days before their last match against Costa Rica. Zambian players waited until the end of their participation in the tournament to report the incident without facing reprisals.

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“FIFA takes any allegations of misconduct very seriously and has a clear process for all players who wish to report an incident. We can confirm that a complaint has been received regarding the Zambia women’s national team and that the is being investigated. “We are unable to provide further information about the ongoing investigation for obvious reasons of confidentiality,” a FIFA spokesman said. The keeper.

Sexual assault by Zambian coach

In the same medium, before the start of the World Cup, an anonymous source said: “If Mwape wants to sleep with someone, you have to say yes. It’s normal for a coach to sleep with players on our team.”

“The Federation turns a blind eye to the fact that the women’s team showed good results. This is their way of demonstrating success and a good image to the public and authorities. But the back is very ugly“he added, accusing the federation of complicity and threatening the players to prevent them from telling what happened.

For his part, Zambia Football Association General Secretary Adrian Kashala said: “While we have no formal complaints from anyone regarding the allegations, we consider them very serious and have launched an investigation into the matter.. “We will work with the Zambia Police and other stakeholders.”

Its president, Andrew Kamanga, also spoke out on the matter last October: “We prefer that investigations be carried out by an independent body such as FIFA.. We are going to impose sanctions; “We have enough rules and regulations in football that we can deal with.” In the end, FIFA did nothing and Bruce Mwape coached Zambia at the World Cup.

Swedish football players were forced to show their genitals before playing at the World Cup

Another controversial issue that has recently come to light is the method used by Sweden’s national team medical services to guarantee the gender of football players who took part in the 2011 World Cup. Nilla Fisher In her book, both she and her teammates had to show their genitals to be able to compete in the tournament.

“We were told that we shouldn’t shave “down there” for the next few days or show our genitals to the doctor.. No one knows much about shaving, but we did what we were told. We thought: how did we get to this point? “Why do we have to do this now?” – she explained.

Regarding why they agreed to this, he commented: “Should we refuse? In the same time, Nobody wanted to jeopardize the opportunity to play at the World Cup. We just had to do it, no matter how humiliating it was.”

“I realized what I needed to do. I quickly dropped my pants workout clothes and underwear at the same time. The physiotherapist nodded and said yes and then looked at the doctor who had his back to me. “He took note and walked down the hall to knock on the next door,” said Nilla Fisher, who was asked about it in more detail in a magazine interview. Aftonbladet.

“Once everyone on our team had been checked, that is, their vaginas had been exposed, the doctor was able to sign off that the Swedish women’s soccer team was made up of women only.”, he added. “We had a very safe environment on the team. So it was the best environment for it. But it was an extremely strange situation and, overall, This was an awkward way to do it.“, concluded Nilla Fisher.

Why is the Rubiales affair the biggest disaster in the world of football?

Fatma Samoura, FIFA Secretary General and the first woman to hold this post, said in Zero wave: “As those in charge of football, this type of behavior cannot be accepted in football and cannot be accepted in society.. “We must show respect to all footballers and treat footballers as equals and as people who deserve our respect.”

“It is good that there is finally an agreement between the players and the Federation, as well as the Supreme Sports Council, to finally put an end to this saga, which For me it was the biggest misfortune in the world of football.because it did not allow Spain to achieve such success at the World Cup,” Fatma Samoura continued.

“FIFA has a program to take women’s football to the level it deserves.”, concluded the FIFA Secretary General.