Spanish Jenny Hermosomember of Australia and New Zealand’s World Cup-winning team wondered what or who they wanted to protect her from when Montse Thome left her out of the national squad for the first two Nations League games against Sweden. Swiss.

“I would like to be clear: today an attempt was made to argue that the environment would be unsafe for my colleagues when it was announced at the same press conference that they were not calling me in to protect themselves. Protect me from what? Or from whom?— the bombardier asked herself on her social networks.

Jenny Hermoso made 69 caps for Spain and scored 40 goals, but new coach Monce Thomé did not include the player in her squad for the matches against Sweden and Switzerland, arguing that she wanted to protect her from all the media noise. …for the kiss Luis Rubiales gave him while celebrating his victory at the World Cup.

Jenny Hermoso returned to Mexico more than a week ago to return to her club. Pachucawith whom he briefly competed twice in the Apertura tournament.

Reaction of Jenny Hermoso and world champions to Montse Tome’s list

The world champions issued a statement in which they insisted on theirwillingness not to be called for good reasons” for the women’s football team, and assured that they would look into the possible legal consequences that the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is subjecting them to by listing them after they asked not to call them up.

Jenny Hermoso noted that they spent months, weeks looking for the same protection as in RFEF they couldn’t find it, but the same people asking for their trust released a list of players who asked not to be called up.

“The players are very clear that this is another strategy of division and manipulation aimed at intimidating and threatening us with legal consequences and economic sanctions.. “Another indisputable proof that nothing has changed today, and it validates the reason we fight and how we do it,” he added.

Jenny Hermosowho tried to focus only on football in order to regain her usual form and help her team in the Apertura tournament, expressed support for her teammates, who, according to her, were surprised and forced to react to another unpleasant situation caused by people. who continue to make decisions at RFEF today.