With the greatest respect to Florentino Perez, who in his opinion is the best president the country could have. real Madrid, Rafael Nadal He admitted that “I would like to» hold the specified position in the future. That’s when he was asked about it in an interview, in which he explained that this was not his dream.

“I don’t have such a dream, but I would like to. But today there is nothing to say, because we have the best president. Then, Life takes many turns and you should ask yourself if you are capable of certain things. I think you guys make movies. I guess I don’t qualify to be one of them”, said Rafa Nadal in Movistar+.

Analyzing Real’s start to the season, he commented: “Madrid started well, but we are at the very beginning. There are important injuries, such as Courtois, Militao or Vinicius… There were also impressive signings such as Bellingham, but it would be nice to go a little further”

Rafa Nadal wants Mbappe to be at Real Madrid

When asked openly whether he was looking forward to Kylian Mbappe’s arrival at Real Madrid, Rafa Nadal replied: “I would welcome Mbappe with open arms. Who doesn’t like Mbappe?”

On the other hand, as a fan, he said he’s not upset because he hasn’t signed the contract yet. “He doesn’t have to come when we fans ask for it. If he comes, I will feel gratitude, not resentment.” was the last thing he said regarding Real Madrid.

Rafa Nadal’s opinion on Carlos Alcaraz

In his interview, Rafa Nadal also expressed his opinion about Carlos Alcaraz, another famous Real Madrid fan. “We don’t rush to judgment about him. He has a cruel projection. He has strength, ambition… But in the future, a lot can happen in the career of every athlete. It’s hard to advise you. I’m very bad at this because I learned more from examples than from words. But yesIf I had to tell him something, I would simply tell him to keep improving.. At least have hope of doing it and that’s what keeps you motivated,” he said.

For his part, about his rivalry with Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal said: “I don’t feel anything when I see Djokovic win.. If I wanted to be the tennis player who wins the most Grand Slams in history, then that’s what the sport is all about. But it’s not an obsession It doesn’t bother me that someone is better than me. I believe that within the limits of my capabilities, I did everything possible to ensure that things went as well as possible for me. I really think Djokovic would have been upset if he hadn’t achieved it, and maybe that’s why he achieved it.. He had the capacity to love, he took his ambition to the maximum. I was ambitious, but with a healthy ambition that allowed me to keep things in perspective and not get too angry when things weren’t going so well for me on the track… These are cultures. “I’m happy with it.”